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Chapter 192. – The instructive hole-game. The holes of life and their order.

192,1. Hereupon the Infant turned to Sixtus as the eldest of Cyrenius' sons and said to him:

192,2. "Sixtus, go and make ten small holes there at the edge of the path, each hole a span apart! You already know what to do with them.

192,3. Then bring the ten clay marbles that James has made for us to play with, and we will then toss the marbles a few times; – you already know how to do it, for it was you who taught Me this!"

192,4. Hereupon Sixtus immediately did as the Infant had asked.

192,5. When the ten small holes were made and the clay marbles were brought, the Infant said to Cyrenius:

192,6. "Now release Me, so that I can explain to you and show you how this game is played; but you other children should not interrupt Me, because I want to explain the game to Cyrenius Myself!"

192,7. Here the Infant solemnly turned to Cyrenius and spoke:

192,8. "See, the game goes like this: you must stand three steps in front of this hole, then toss a marble.

192,9. If you can successfully throw it into the tenth and last and farthest hole, then you are the king of the game; if you manage to throw into the ninth hole, then you are a minister; a throw into the eighth hole would make you a general!

192,10. The seventh hole would make you governor, the sixth a judge, the fifth a priest, the fourth a farmer, the third a father, the second a mother and the first a child!

192,11. I will explain to you how this game continues when the holes are filled."

192,12. Here Cyrenius smilingly took a marble and tossed it, and the marble immediately rolled into the first hole!

192,13. And the Infant asked: "Are you satisfied with your position? Otherwise, being a beginner, you are allowed a second toss!"

192,14. And Cyrenius said: "My most wonderful Life, My Jesus! I will remain where I am now!"

192,15. And the Infant spoke: "Good, so now you can all toss, one after the other. I will toss last!"

192,16. And the children tossed their marbles; however, they did not fill all the holes, but often ended up with two or three marbles in one hole.

192,17. At the end, the Infant tossed and the marble reached the tenth hole, as always! –

192,18. Then one of the girls lingered and spoke: "But then little Jesus has to be a king all the time!"

192,19. But the Infant said to the girl: "Why do you fret about this? – You have, after all, tossed before I did; why were you so inept with your hands?!

192,20. Do not be resentful about this, otherwise I will again let a mouse, which you so greatly fear, come over you!"

192,21. Hereupon the girl did not say anything and was content to be alone in her second hole!

192,22. However, the ninth, eighth, seventh and sixth holes were unoccupied; so Cyrenius said to the Infant:

192,23. "See, You my Life! – Now there is no minister, no general, no governor and no judge!

192,24. Who will assume these main positions?"

192,25. "I Myself must occupy these positions", spoke the Infant, "because they are unoccupied; for all the vacant positions must be assumed by the occupier of the hole above them!

192,26. If the minister hole were occupied, then the three preceding empty posts would be allocated to him; however, as it is unoccupied, the four holes now fall to the king! – As all the holes are now occupied, let us get on with the actual game!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-192 Chapter