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Chapter 191. – Jesus' race against Cyrenius. How Cyrenius also becomes a master. Hint on the mastery of life.

191,1. When the Infant, together with Cyrenius and the other eight children, were outside in the open air, the Infant said to Cyrenius:

191,2. "Look at the tree there; how far do you think it is from here?"

191,3. "I think", said Cyrenius, "it is possibly a little over two hundred steps from here!"

191,4. And the Infant spoke: "So let us race and find out who among us is the fastest!"

191,5. And Cyrenius smiled and said: "O Lord, with your natural strength, it will certainly be You who will arrive last at the tree!"

191,6. And the Infant said: "This matter will only be settled when we have the result – and so let us make the attempt!"

191,7. Here all the participants ran with all their might, and the Infant arrived first at the tree.

191,8. Upon arrival at the tree, Cyrenius said, completely out of breath:

191,9. "O Lord! I actually knew that You would not run naturally and would therefore arrive at the finish line first!

191,10. For invisible powers carry You; but I am only carried by my sluggish feet!"

191,11. But the Infant spoke: "Cyrenius, here you are once again mistaken; for your feet are filled with the same invisible powers as Mine.

191,12. But the difference is only due to the fact that I am a Master, and you are a mere student of the powers.

191,13. If you would properly train your power, then you too will be able to use it like the Master does!

191,14. But now let us run back, and we will see who will reach the spot in front of the house first!"

191,15. Here Cyrenius quickly bent down, lifted up the Infant and ran with Him to the spot – and was easily the first to arrive at the spot.

191,16. On arrival there, the Infant smiled and spoke: "That was quite amusing!

191,17. See, you have attained mastery at once; you saw the Master, took Him up, and thereby became a master yourself!

191,18. However, also learn a lesson from this: in future, no one will be a master through his own efforts;

191,19. but when he takes up the Master, he will become a master himself through the Master whom he has taken up.

191,20. It is does not matter much who runs faster; but regardless, everyone should try to be the first in reaching the goal set by Me, ahead of any other goal!

191,21. He who begins his race of life on his own strength, will be the last;

191,22. but he who does what you did for the second race, will also find himself as the first at the finish line!

191,23. Now let us proceed to a different game and let us amuse ourselves in a real childlike manner!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-191 Chapter