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Chapter 190. – The Infant's request to Cyrenius to eat and play with Him. Maronius' and Mary's objection. The Infant's invalidating response. The awakening of Tullia.

190,1. The Infant then said to Cyrenius:

190,2. "Cyrenius, your heart is now full, and this satiety will last you forever!

190,3. But your body is hungry, and you need strengthening for the same purpose that I Myself need natural sustenance for My body.

190,4. Therefore go with Me down to the house, where we will eat some good fish that Jonathan brought with him today and which My brothers have prepared so well.

190,5. For I must tell you that I much prefer to eat fish over the dull Jewish baby food; and I am already really looking forward to a good piece of it!

190,6. O I tell you, My dearest Cyrenius, I really enjoy eating fish which is all the more reason why I love Jonathan very much, because he is a real fisherman and often brings us the best fish!

190,7. And you know, My dearest Cyrenius, after the meal you must play with Me a little, and your children should play as well!

190,8. You are not yet old and can therefore hop and jump around a little with Me!"

190,9. The Infant's purely childlike language made Cyrenius so happy that he completely forgot the dead Tullia, although his company was mourning;

190,10. and some of the company started to be concerned about Cyrenius' cheerfulness, which appeared to them as insanity.

190,11. Maronius himself went up to Cyrenius and asked him how he was feeling.

190,12. Instead of Cyrenius, the Infant instantly replied:

190,13. "O Maronius! Do not worry about My friend; for he has never been more free of insanity in all his life than now!

190,14. I wish that you were as healthy as Cyrenius, for then you would not ask such questions in My presence!

190,15. But come down along with us to the meal; perhaps a good piece of fish will cure you!"

190,16. Hereupon Cyrenius went into the house with the Infant and with Joseph, Mary, Jonathan, Eudokia and the eight children, and Maronius followed them, although somewhat on pins and needles;

190,17. but the rest of the large company mourned and did not go to the midday meal.

190,18. After the meal, which all present found delicious, the Infant once again desired to go outside into the open air to play with Cyrenius and the eight children.

190,19. But Mary said: "Listen, My Jesus! You may not play now, and the eight children also may not play, for firstly, it is the Sabbath, and secondly, we have a corpse in the house, and then one should not play, but remain quiet and modest!"

190,20. But the Infant said: "Woman, what spirit is causing you to speak to Me in this way?

190,21. Is then the Sabbath more than Me – and the dead woman greater than My will?!

190,22. But so you may see that I stand above the Sabbath and above the dead woman, and so that the latter does not hinder my happiness, let her awake!"

190,23. At these words, the corpse sat up from the bier and soon came into the room.

190,24. The Infant ordered food to be given to her, and then immediately went outside with Cyrenius, while all were utterly amazed at this awakening.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-190 Chapter