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Chapter 189. – Joseph invites Cyrenius for a meal. Cyrenius' declination referring to his satiation by the Lord. The Infant's praise for Cyrenius.

189,1. Joseph's sons now came and indicated that the meal was ready.

189,2. And Joseph went to Cyrenius, who was wholly engaged with the Infant, and notified him of the meal, and asked him if he would be able to eat anything in his grief.

189,3. And Cyrenius said: "O my exalted brother, do you really think that I am in the least hungry?

189,4. Just look over there! How can a man be hungry in the company of Him, through whom myriads and myriads are fed at every moment!?

189,5. As far as the supposed grief is concerned, I say from the fullness of my love to Him, who created you and me:

189,6. How can I be sad in the company of my and your Lord?!

189,7. See, when you sow one grain of wheat in the earth, and the seed then rots, He replaces the one with a hundred!

189,8. This is also the case here: where the Lord takes one away, He soon gives a thousand in return!

189,9. He took away the jealous Tullia from me, but in return He gave Me Himself!

189,10. O brother, what an infinite substitute it is for my minor loss!

189,11. In place of my wife, I may now designate Him in my heart as eternally mine! – O brother, how can I then still mourn for Tullia?!"

189,12. Here Joseph spoke: "O brother! You have become great before the Lord; indeed, you were a heathen – and now you are better than many Israelites!

189,13. Yes, I myself must confess to you: your heart and your mouth greatly shame even me;

189,14. for I have not yet experienced such a surrender to the Lord's will in myself!"

189,15. Here the Infant raised Himself and spoke: "Joseph! I know why I chose you; but you were never greater before Me than just now, when you acknowledged your weakness to a heathen!

189,16. But I tell you, as you have already given Cyrenius the testimonial that he is better than many Israelites:

189,17. Cyrenius is more here than Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and more than Moses and the prophets, and more than David and Solomon!

189,18. For their actions were righteous through their faith and through great piety in their hearts;

189,19. Cyrenius, however, is a firstling, who was awakened by My love; and that is more than the entire old covenant which was dead, while Cyrenius is now fully alive!

189,20. You know the splendour of the temple in Jerusalem; it is a creation of Solomon's wisdom.

189,21. But this temple is as dead as its master builder, who sacrificed Me for the women!

189,22. But Cyrenius has, with great self-denial, built Me a new and living temple in his heart, where I will live forever, and that is more than all of Solomon's wisdom!"

189,23. Here Cyrenius began to weep in bliss, and Joseph as well as Mary, engraved these words in their hearts; for they were full of strength and full of life. – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-189 Chapter