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Chapter 196. – New disputes in the second game. The third toss. The ambitious girl in the minister hole. The smear campaign against the Child. The new and last toss. Everyone comes into the child hole; only the Child comes into the king hole. His marble begins to glow like the sun, and the Child puts the radiant marble into the father hole. The basic order of life is restored.

196,1. In the course of this second game, some disputes erupted among the players.

196,2. The minister had to be feared, as this was Cyrenius himself; the general, as well the governor and the judge, did not dare to say anything against the minister and secretly sulked at such an arrangement.

196,3. In particular, two girls, who were the governor and the judge, were discontented, because they could not do anything without the minister's consent.

196,4. Only Sixtus in his child hole was fully satisfied.

196,5. The Infant saw this discord and hence called all of them together, redistributed the marbles and allowed everyone to toss again.

196,6. This time Cyrenius came into the king hole and the Infant into the child hole;

196,7. and all the children were highly pleased that for once, the two-years-and-four-months-old Jesus came into the child hole.

196,8. Here even the girl from before came again to the Infant and said to Him: "See, that is the right place for you; I am happy that you too have come once into this boring hole!"

196,9. The Infant, however, spoke: "Look, the minister hole is still unoccupied! Take a marble and toss; perhaps you will get in?"

196,10. Thereupon the girl took the marble again and tossed and landed precisely in the minister hole.

196,11. When she saw herself in the minister hole, she was glowing with happiness that her ambition was at last fulfilled, and spoke in jest:

196,12. "Now, my Jesus, be happy; now I will certainly punish you if you are disobedient!"

196,13. And the Infant said: "Do you know, laws do not apply to children; how do you then want to treat me and what do you want to do with Me?"

196,14. The girl said: "Let the game begin, and you will immediately see if the minister has no power over children!"

196,15. Hereupon Cyrenius, as king, allotted the game, and everyone went to his post and performed their official duty.

196,16. But especially the minister stirred up the priest against the Child, so that the priest would not allow the Child to come to him.

196,17. So even the other positions did not listen to the Child.

196,18. Therefore the Child ran to the king, according to the rules of the game, and complained about His persecution.

196,19. And the king spoke: "O Lord, I know too little about these rules!

196,20. But as confusion has again crept into the game, despite these rules, I will summon the small group again, and if You wish, we can immediately have another toss!"

196,21. And the Infant spoke: "Yes – Cyrenius, a new one, and forever the last one!

196,22. And so call the children together that we may do the final test!"

196,23. And Cyrenius called the children together and distributed the marbles, and the tossing began.

196,24. But this time all the children, together with Cyrenius, tossed into the child hole; and only Jesus tossed into the king hole.

196,25. At that moment, the king hole began to glow and His marble began to be as radiant as the sun!

196,26. And the Infant took the radiant marble and laid it in the father hole and then asked Cyrenius:

196,27. "Cyrenius! Do you now understand this most significant game?"

196,28. And Cyrenius spoke: "O Lord, You my Life! – How am I to understand this?"

196,29. And the Infant spoke: "So listen to Me; I will give a clear and detailed explanation of this to all of you!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-196 Chapter