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Chapter 197. – The game's meaning. The three tosses signifying the historical eras from Adam up to the incarnation. The new and eternally last toss: from a child's position, all will recognize the Father. The Father will then be the Father forever.

197,1. And the Child immediately began to speak like a wise teacher from a synagogue and said:

197,2. "This is the significance of this game: from the time of creation, and before it, God was the Lord from eternity!

197,3. The first toss: the old spirits awake but do not want to put up with the glory of God, and the game gets out of order.

197,4. This game lasts from Adam to Noah and from Noah to Moses.

197,5. The stubborn girl represents the love – and the world, which rejects love.

197,6. During Noah's time, the world is punished by threats, just like this girl with the mice.

197,7. But the world does not improve, but gradually falls back again into idolatry and wants altars, visible deities and many rituals.

197,8. Here the Lord calls for an end to the game under Moses, and a second toss takes place!

197,9. At the beginning it looks like it will last; but Moses has only to turn his back, and the golden calf is completed!

197,10. Thus the girl begins to quarrel in earnest, and is then punished with the threat of actual judgment.

197,11. And so the Flood was much more of a strong threat than an actual judgment.

197,12. But the judgment of the people in the wilderness was a real judgment, since it occurred through fire, just as it had in the past with Sodom.

197,13. The game begins with the toss; frankly, it goes well at first, but out of pure fear, for the mother, the love, is missing in this game; the mother departed because she was not allowed to rule.

197,14. This game of Moses lasted until this time, and wore itself out through revolts and through constant fear.

197,15. The Lord again calls the small group together; another toss takes place, and the Lord becomes a Child!

197,16. Then the love comes and expresses a certain delight over the utterly helpless position of the Lord.

197,17. Love now also makes a toss, and succeeds in reaching the first step of the throne.

197,18. And there she persecutes the Lord unto death and does not leave Him in peace for almost a thousand and nine hundred years and stirs up everyone against Him!

197,19. But then it is obvious to the established powers that this will not do anymore.

197,20. And a final toss takes place: the Lord is once again the Lord of old; His position is full of glowing fervour and His toss full of grace!

197,21. And from a child's position, all the people will recognize the Father, when He as such comes increasingly closer to the people with all His loving power!

197,22. And that will be the last toss, and no further ones will take place! - The Father will then be a Father forever.

197,23. See, that is the purpose of the game! – Now let us all go back to the house, to see what the awakened Tullia is doing; and so, all of you, follow Me!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-197 Chapter