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Chapter 198. – Mary's and Eudokia's efforts towards the awakened Tullia. A prophetic image of the future worship of Mary. The true lovers of the Lord.

198,1. When our group of players came into the house, they were hardly noticed; for all were still fully engaged with the awakened Tullia.

198,2. Some comforted her, others hung around her and observed her and were worried that she might relapse into death.

198,3. Even Mary and Eudokia were busy with her and brought her all sorts of refreshments.

198,4. And Joseph's sons, together with James, were busy with the preparation of the evening meal.

198,5. Only Joseph and Jonathan sat on a straw bench in the side room and spoke to one another about a good many things of the past;

198,6. and as they were the only ones to notice the entering group, they got up and went towards Cyrenius and the Infant and naturally welcomed them in the most friendly manner.

198,7. But the Infant instantly ran towards Joseph and said to him:

198,8. "How much longer will the fools continue to comfort, refresh and strengthen the awakened Tullia?

198,9. She has been well enough since a while and will not die before her time comes; what then do these fools want?!" –

198,10. And Joseph spoke: "Why should we bother about that? Let them have the pleasure; for we do not lose anything by it!"

198,11. Hereupon the Infant said: "That is obviously true, and I will not bother about it too much;

198,12. but I think the following is also true: if the awakened woman receives so much admiration, then the One who awakened her should not be left in the background either! – ?"

198,13. And Joseph spoke: "My little Son, You are perfectly right; but what can one do here?

198,14. If I present You as the infallible Awakener, then it would mean that I betray You before Your time, to those who do not yet know You – and that would be unwise!

198,15. But if You even breathed such miraculous knowledge into their minds, they would be come under judgment!

198,16. So let us leave them as they are; we, however, will secretly remain together in spirit and in truth!

198,17. When they have comforted and looked at the Roman woman ad nauseum, they will no doubt come over and join our company!"

198,18. And the Infant spoke: "You can see another image of the future here!

198,19. Those who profess to belong to our faith, will concern themselves with the dead Roman woman due to worldly considerations,

198,20. and much will be made of Mary among the Romans and by the Roman woman!

198,21. Nevertheless, those who claim our faith will not be our comrades, but rather what they are now, that is to say, pagans, and will not respect Me, but only Mary!

198,22. And My real followers will remain hidden and small at all times in the world!

198,23. Tullia was a blind beggar and regained her sight through My living water

198,24. and then became a first lady in the great kingdom of the pagans.

198,25. However, as she became jealous, she also met her death.

198,26. She was brought back to life; she lives, but she does not want to be aware of Me.

198,27. Will I need to make her aware of Me through a judgment?

198,28. But I will wait for some time and see if the Roman woman will get up and come to Me, her Awakener! – Joseph, do you understand this image?" – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-198 Chapter