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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-199 Chapter

Chapter 199. – Joseph's typically human, short-sighted questions. The Infant's reply. The universal significance of the Lord's incarnation.

199,1. As Joseph heard these words from the Infant, he said:

199,2. "O my little son of God! – I have certainly understood You in my soul!

199,3. But I must confess that You have not made an pleasant prediction for me here!

199,4. For if after You, as it was before You, the majority of men will remain pagans and idol-worshippers, what then is the purpose of your advent on earth?

199,5. Why such degradation of Your infinite and everlasting Holiness? Do you want to help only a few? – Why not everyone?!" –

199,6. The Infant spoke: "O Joseph, you have a lot of futile questions!

199,7. Have you never observed the star-studded sky? – Look, every star which you see is a world, an earth which is inhabited, just as it is here, by free human beings!

199,8. And there are innumerable worlds that no mortal has ever set eyes on; and see, My advent is also meant for them!

199,9. However, you will see the how and why of it with the greatest clarity only in My Kingdom!

199,10. Therefore do not be surprised when I make such a prediction about the men on this earth to you;

199,11. for I have such earths without number and end; and all these countless and endless earths require My advent –

199,12. and require it because My own eternal order needs it, from which this earth, as well as all the other countless and endless ones have emerged.

199,13. So what I have predicted to you will indeed happen on earth!

199,14. That is why the eternal holy purpose of My advent will nevertheless not be in vain! –

199,15. For see: all the innumerable worlds, suns and earths have their orbits, and these in turn also have countless and endlessly different paths.

199,16. In every place, there are different laws; and in every place, there is a different order;

199,17. but in the end, all come together in one – My basic order, and correspond to an important main purpose, similar to the limbs of a body and their actions.

199,18. And look, in the end this will also be the case with the people on earth, and some day, they will recognize in their spirit that there is only one God, one Lord, one Father and only one perfect life in Him!

199,19. But how and when? – That remains with Him, who just told you this!

199,20. But first, a lot of wind has to blow over the earth's surface,

199,21. and a lot of water has to fall from the heaven and a lot of wood has to be burnt, before one can say:

199,22. See, now there is one flock and one Shepherd, one God and only one Man from innumerable hosts, one Father and one Son in and from innumerable and endless hosts.

199,23. This speech caused the hair of Cyrenius, Jonathan, as well as Joseph to stand on end, and Joseph spoke:

199,24. "O Child! – Your words are becoming increasingly incomprehensible, more amazing – and truly more dreadful!

199,25. Who can comprehend their infinite depth?! – Therefore speak to us in accordance with our understanding, otherwise we will perish under the profundity of Your speech!"

199,26. But the Infant smiled and spoke: "Joseph! Look, especially today I am particularly disposed to make such revelations to you all, so that it makes you tremble!

199,27. And from it you should see in all fullness, that the perfect Lord of eternity really dwells in Me and now lives among you! – And so continue to listen to Me!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-199 Chapter