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Chapter 200. – Prophetic revelations of the Infant Jesus: Jesus' death, His teachings on atonement, resurrection and opening of the gates of life for all.

200,1. And the Infant went on: "Joseph! – What would you say, if the children of the world would one day seize the Lord and kill Him with the help of Satan?

200,2. If they seize Him as if He were a murderer and robber and drag Him before the tribunal of the world, where the spirit of hell rules?

200,3. And this tribunal will have the Lord of all splendour nailed to the cross! – What do you say to this? – ! –

200,4. If the predictions regarding Him made by the prophets, whose words are well known to you, really come true! – What do you say to this?

200,5. When the three men heard such words from the Infant, they were greatly frightened, and Joseph spoke most vehemently:

200,6. "My Jesus, my little son of God, truly, may such things not happen to You!

200,7. May the hand that seizes You be cursed forever, and it's bearer's soul atone eternally for its outrage in the greatest possible torment!"

200,8. And Cyrenius, together with Jonathan, sided with Joseph and said:

200,9. "Yes, if such a thing could ever occur, truly and eternally, I will become the most ruthless tyrant from today onwards!

200,10. I command two hundred thousand of the most proficient soldiers; a single gesture from me could bring death and destruction to the whole world!

200,11. Before an impudent devil of a man lays his satanic hands on this Child, I would rather kill all men on earth!"

200,12. The Infant, however, smiled and spoke: "But then your soldiers will still remain; who then will destroy them?

200,13. See, My dear Cyrenius, whoever knows what he is doing, and does wrong, commits a sin and is an evil-doer!

200,14. But whoever does not know what he does, and does wrong, should be forgiven; for he did not know what he did!

200,15. But – someone who knows full well what he is doing, and does not want to do it because it is wrongful, but does not resist doing it under coercion, is a slave of hell and draws a judgment upon himself!

200,16. For hell knows full well that it is easier to deal with blind instruments than with seeing ones;

200,17. so it continues to keep the blind on its payroll, – and it will be precisely these blind who will nail the Lord of all splendour to the cross!

200,18. But how can you punish a blind man who struck his foot on the road and fell and broke his arms and legs?!

200,19. So just remain calmly at home with your power, which would bring much more damage than good to the earth!

200,20. And rest assured that He, whose flesh men will kill in their blindness, cannot be killed in spirit and in His strength and power, but will soon rise again through His own strength and power –

200,21. and only through this will the path to eternal life for all creatures be opened!"

200,22. Cyrenius' vehement tone had drawn the attention of the people around Tullia to the small company.

200,23. But the Infant sent them away and spoke: "Go about your business; for what occurs here is not for you, who are blind!" – Then the group withdrew again.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-200 Chapter