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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-201 Chapter

Chapter 201. – Jesus' solemn words to Mary. Prediction that the Lord and his followers will be treated with disdain in the world.

201,1. Mary, Eudokia and James were also among those who were turned away.

201,2. Mary nevertheless went inside, and Eudokia and James followed her.

201,3. And Mary bowed down before the Infant and spoke:

201,4. "Listen, my Son! You are terribly strict!

201,5. If You turn me away at the door already now, what will you do with me when You become a man?!

201,6. See, you should not be so strict with someone who has carried You under her heart in great fear and much anguish!"

201,7. And the Infant looked at Mary with great love and said:

201,8. "How can you call Me your Son?! – Do you not remember anymore what the angel said to you?

201,9. What were you to call Him who was born of you?

201,10. See, the angel said: 'And the One who will be born of you will be called the Son of God, – Son of the Almighty!'

201,11. If this is indeed the case, how can you then call Me your Son?!

201,12. If I were your Son, then you would concern yourself more with Me than with Tullia!

201,13. However, as I am not your Son, Tullia is nearer to your heart than I am!

201,14. If I jump about outside and then come to the door, no one comes towards me with a flaming heart,

201,15. and I am just there like the daily bread for servants and maids, and no one stretches out his arms towards Me!

201,16. However, when a town gossip comes here, she is immediately received with all honours.

201,17. And this is now also the case with the foolish Tullia, who obtained life from Me; you fawn upon her ingratiatingly by the amount of attention you pay to her.

201,18. But Me, the giver of life, you hardly take notice of!

201,19. Now tell me yourself, is this right?!

201,20. Am I not greater than any foolish town gossip and not greater than this Tullia?

201,21. O rejoice, all you erstwhile follower-servants; you will fare just as I fare at this moment!

201,22. Your benefactors will put you in a corner with the rubbish when they are visited by their gossipy brothers and sisters!" – These words pierced Mary's heart, and thereafter she paid great heed to them.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-201 Chapter