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Chapter 202. – James in conversation with little Jesus. The Infant's complaint about getting too little attention from His parents and fellow residents.

202,1. At these words James also bowed down before the Infant and spoke to Him:

202,2. "Listen! My beloved Jesus, my gentle little brother, it is almost impossible to bear with you when You are this strict!

202,3. Don't You want to rebuke me also, just as You have rebuked mother Mary?

202,4. You can certainly do so; however, I will then also complain to You that You did not invite me to play, as I would have liked to be there with all my heart!"

202,5. The Infant said: "O do not worry that I will tell you anything;

202,6. for I am aware of your constant attentiveness towards Me!

202,7. Moreover, we often share the same fate, and you experience the same as I do!

202,8. See, when you often go out with Me and then return home with Me from somewhere, sometimes even from the city, when you have something to do there and then take Me along,

202,9. no one comes to meet us! We go away without further accompaniment, and when we return home, not a soul comes to receive us!

202,10. Just as we go out on our own, we also return on our own!

202,11. And on top of it, when we return fifteen minutes late now and then, we are properly rebuked for it.

202,12. And when we are at home, we may not move about too much if we want to avoid a scolding.

202,13. And although there is so much chatter about all sorts of things sometimes, say, are we ever a part of the interesting things that deserve a few words during the day?

202,14. However, when an acquaintance from the town contacts them and says: 'I will visit you on Monday',

202,15. our house looks forward to it already three days in advance and afterwards talks about it for another three days!

202,16. And when the friend comes, all come to meet him, and when he leaves, he is accompanied to his front door.

202,17. However, when we come and go, not even a cat stirs in this house!

202,18. But instead, when an eloquent city gossip comes here, the word is: 'James, be a good boy and go outside with the little One!'

202,19. And then we promptly go outside without accompaniment and may not return, until the gossipmonger decides to leave, again accompanied by the entire house!

202,20. Only when Cyrenius or Jonathan comes are we too given some acknowledgment, unless important considerations come in the way!

202,21. Therefore do not worry that I will say anything to you that could hurt you; for we are treated the same as far as respect and love are concerned!

202,22. When we do not stir or move about the whole day long, we are considered 'well-behaved'! – And being considered 'well-behaved' is then also our entire reward! – Are you satisfied with this? – I am not!"

202,23. As Joseph and Mary heard this, both were afraid. – The Infant soothed them and said: "Just change this a little in the future; let bygones be bygones!" – And James wept with great joy in his heart.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-202 Chapter