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Chapter 203. – Joseph's confession to the Infant. The distinction between masking and being wise. The Lord keeps Himself hidden, so that no judgment is brought upon the world. The Infant's warning to Mary.

203,1. Hereupon Joseph called the Infant and spoke to Him:

203,2. "Now listen to me; what I tell you is not for Your sake, but for the sake of those who are present here!

203,3. For I know that you always see through my most secret thoughts, so I do not need to say anything to You; but those here should also know how I feel about You!

203,4. See, it is true that we were outwardly often lukewarm towards You;

203,5. but this indifference was only a mask of our inner respect and love for You, so that You do not become known to this terrible world!

203,6. Who knows the world better than You? – And so You will understand best that our previous outward behaviour towards You was necessary for Your safety.

203,7. So please forgive us the apparent coldness of our hearts that nevertheless always glowed like the red dawn upon seeing You!

203,8. From now on we will conduct ourselves as openly towards You as our inner urge will tell us!"

203,9. After this speech, the Infant said: "Joseph! – You have spoken the truth; but nevertheless there is still a major difference between a mask and wisdom.

203,10. The mask makes the heart cold; but wisdom warms it!

203,11. Why have a mask when wisdom suffices? Why pretend, when one's natural wisdom offers a thousand methods of safeguarding?

203,12. Am I not the Lord, whom the entire infinity must obey at My every gesture, as it is nothing more than a thought captured by Me and exists as a spoken word from My mouth?!

203,13. If I am the only true Lord, how can your emotional masking be more effective to guarantee My protection from the world than a whole world full of My eternal power?!

203,14. See, one breath from My mouth - and the entire visible creation is no more!

203,15. Do you really think that I need your emotional mask to look after Myself and you from the persecutions of the world?

203,16. O no, I do not need it! For I am not hiding Myself from the world for fear of the world,

203,17. but only to avoid a judgment being brought upon the world if it recognized Me in its wickedness.

203,18. Therefore from now on all of you should be wise for the sake of the world;

203,19. but keep the mask away from Me, for it is at best a descent into hell!

203,20. And you, Mary, return to your first love, otherwise you will have to experience deep sorrow in the future for treating Me so coldly by masking your heart because of the world!"

203,21. These words broke Mary's heart, and she seized the Infant with all the power of her love, and pressed Him to her heart and caressed Him with the most fervent motherly love.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-203 Chapter