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Chapter 209. – The boon and purpose of the nocturnal storm: the annihilation of the robbers.

209,1. On the following morning, Joseph got up very early as usual and distributed the day's work among his four sons.

209,2. Their first task was to prepare a good breakfast, and then whatever other duties required to be performed on that day.

209,3. After distributing the work, he went out and checked the damage caused by the nocturnal storm.

209,4. As he went back and forth, he soon found a mass of gnawed human bones

209,5. and came across many places that were stained with human blood.

209,6. He was greatly horrified by the sight of it and could not comprehend this mystery.

209,7. As he went onwards he also found a number of daggers and small lances, often stained with blood.

209,8. At this sight, a new perspective began to dawn on him, and he gradually began to understand the beneficent purpose of the hurricane that caused the animals to appear.

209,9. Thereupon Joseph quickly went to his four sons and notified them of all this and instructed three of them to collect the bones and the weapons.

209,10. In one-and-a-half hours there was a huge pile of bones under a tree and, next to it, there was another pile of bloodstained weapons.

209,11. Only after breakfast did Joseph lead Cyrenius and Jonathan out and showed them the morning's strange find.

209,12. As Cyrenius saw this, he threw his hands up and spoke:

209,13. "But for the almighty Lord's sake, – what is this?!

209,14. Where do these dead bodies come from, and where do these weapons, dripping with fresh blood, come from?

209,15. Joseph, brother, friend! Have you no idea that could suggest the reason for this horror?"

209,16. And Joseph spoke: "Friend and brother, these were either pirates or rebels who pursued your ship!

209,17. However, let us first destroy all of this with fire;

209,18. and only then should we endeavour to get to the bottom of the matter!"

209,19. Cyrenius was content with this, and all his people were sent to gather wood from all directions.

209,20. And when around noon a suitably large pile of wood was collected in an open space, the dead bodies, together with the weapons, were thrown onto the great mound of wood and incinerated.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-209 Chapter