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Chapter 210. – The Infant's triple circumvention of the fire and His prophetic words to Cyrenius: "The Lord will circumvent the fires of the world thrice, and nobody will ask Him: 'Lord! What are you doing?' And only when He will go around the third time, will the last flash of anger be taken from the earth!"

210,1. Only after everything was incinerated in the course of several hours, an event which, in accordance with the Lord's wishes, went unnoticed by all the other guests except Cyrenius' servants,

210,2. Tullia, Maronius Pilla and the commander and the centurions, together with Mary and James, who led the Infant, went outside the house for the first time on this day.

210,3. And Maronius Pilla, who had a very keen sense of smell, at once detected a burning smell,

210,4. and he went to Joseph and said: "Most noble friend, do you not detect the smell of a wildfire?"

210,5. And Joseph led him to a place just behind the house and pointed out the scene of the fire with his finger.

210,6. And Maronius asked what was consigned to the flames.

210,7. And Joseph spoke: "Friend! The objects were consigned to the flames, precisely so that the eyes of the world do not fall on them!

210,8. However, Cyrenius knows everything; therefore turn to him, and he will tell you what happened; for he witnessed everything!"

210,9. With this, Maronius, and some of the other inquisitive people around, were to be satisfied.

210,10. The Infant then requested to go with Joseph, Cyrenius, Jonathan and His James to the scene of the fire, which was still giving off smoke here and there.

210,11. When they arrived there, the Infant ran three times around the large and conspicuous fire area, took a half-burnt dagger and gave it to Cyrenius, and spoke:

210,12. "Cyrenius, see, now your enemies have been vanquished, and their steadfastness has burnt to ashes.

210,13. Here is the last hostile remnant in My hand, and it has become ineffectual!

210,14. I hand it over to you as a token that you shall not take revenge against those who were against you – and the few who still are!

210,15. For your anger and the anger in your enemies shall become as useless and slagged as this dagger here!

210,16. These enemies of yours started from Tyre and wanted to destroy you here.

210,17. However, I knew of the day and the hour and the moment you were in danger.

210,18. That is why I let a storm rage during this night at the right time, which drove out the ferocious animals from the mountains

210,19. and caused great terror, so that the rebels were helpless when the wild beasts attacked them.

210,20. And look, that is just what will happen in the future: An enormous fire from above will come over the dead bodies of the evil-doers and will consume them until they are dust and ashes!

210,21. Then the Lord will go thrice around the fires of the world, and nobody will ask Him, 'Lord! What are You doing?'

210,22. And only when He will go around the third time will the last flash of anger be taken from the earth!" – – –

210,23. This speech surprised everyone; for none of them understood its meaning. – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-210 Chapter