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Chapter 211. – Joseph's question and the Infant's comforting response. The Infant's great hunger. The fish meal. Cyrenius' question regarding the Mediterranean.

211,1. After a while, Joseph went to the Infant and asked Him the meaning of what He had said.

211,2. And the Infant spoke: "Joseph, your investigation is futile!

211,3. For there are many things that will not be revealed to you as long as you live on the earth.

211,4. However, he who after his life enters into My kingdom spiritually will be enlightened!

211,5. Therefore do not ask here about matters that do not concern you now!

211,6. Let earth be brought now to cover this fire area!"

211,7. And Joseph turned to Cyrenius, who at once ordered his people to bring earth and cover the area with it.

211,8. By the time this work was finished, it had become noon, and Joseph's sons had prepared the midday meal and kept it in readiness for the many guests.

211,9. And the Infant Himself spoke to Joseph: "Dear Joseph! I am rather hungry; three large fishes have been fried, therefore let us eat!"

211,10. Joseph spoke: "That is quite commendable; but – will the fish suffice for more than a hundred persons?!"

211,11. And the Infant replied: "But of course! You have seen the large fish; how can you ask such a question?

211,12. Each fish is a good one hundred pounds; they would in fact suffice for two hundred persons!

211,13. Therefore let us now go home; for I am already very hungry – and particularly for the good fish from the Mediterranean!"

211,14. And Joseph immediately called everyone to have the midday meal and proceeded to the villa.

211,15. On the way, Cyrenius asked the lovely Infant, whether this sea was really a mediterranean sea (mare mediterraneum).

211,16. And the Infant said: "Whether or not it is right – I must talk to you in your way, so that I can be understood by you!

211,17. After the meal, you can look it up on the little globe, and you will find whether this term is appropriate!"

211,18. Thereupon the Infant went ahead with His James, so that He could be at the table soon.

211,19. And as Joseph came, the Infant smiled at Him across the table, while holding a small piece of fish in His hand.

211,20. Joseph was very pleased with this in private; but his sense of propriety prompted him to say:

211,21. "Oh – my dearest Infant, such a big piece! – Will you be able to eat it all?"

211,22. And the Infant smiled even more and spoke: "Worry about other things; for your fathers have already ensured that My stomach is not easily harmed, – for they have often given Me the worst and largest chunks of food." – Here Joseph well understood the meaning of the Infant's words.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-211 Chapter