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Chapter 21. – Joseph's words on the free will of man and his advice to Cornelius. The captain's care of the Holy Family.

21,1. And Joseph, himself quite astonished by Cornelius' remarks, said to him: "This wonder is so great that I do not even know how to tell you!

21,2. Bit you can believe me when I tell you that great and mighty things are behind it; for all the powers of God's eternal heaven are not be set in motion for insignificant matters!

21,3. With regard to this wonder, no man is inhibited in his free will and can do whatever he wants; for that is what I have understood from the commandments given to you by the two angels of the Lord!

21,4. For behold, the Lord through his omnipotence could bind our will in this instance, just as He binds the will of the animals, and we would then have to act according to His will!

21,5. He does not do that, however. He only gives us free commandment from which we can learn that we can want and act on our own, that is His holy will.

21,6. So you too are not bound in the slightest, not even with one fibre of your body, and can therefore do whatever you want! If you wish to be my guest today, then stay; however, if you do not wish or dare to do this, you are likewise completely free to decide.

21,7. If you would ask for my advice, I would definitely give it and say to you: O friend, stay! – For you will not be in better hands anywhere else in the whole world than here under the visible protection of all the heavenly powers!"

21,8. And Cornelius said: "Yes, just man before the Gods and before your God, and before all men, your advice is good, and I will follow it and stay with you until tomorrow!

21,9. I will now leave with my landlady for a short while, to make arrangements so that all of you can be provided - despite this cave - with better shelter."

21,10. And Joseph said: "Good man, do as you wish! The Lord God will reward you some day!"

21,11. Hereupon the captain went to town with the midwife and first had it announced that the day was an official holiday, then took thirty warriors, gave them bedding, tents and firewood and told them to carry it all to the cave.

21,12. The midwife took an appropriate amount of food and drink with her and had some more brought after her.

21,13. On arrival at the cave, the captain immediately had three tents set up: a spacious one for Mary, one for himself, Joseph and his sons and one for the midwife and her sister.

21,14. And in Mary's tent he had a new and rather soft bed set up and provided the tent with other necessary facilities. He also suitably equipped the other tents, got his men to quickly build a stove, laid some wood on it himself and made a fire to warm the cave, which was quite cold at this time of year.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-21 Chapter