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Chapter 22. – Cornelius with the Holy Family in the cave. The shepherds and the captain. The new eternal spiritual sun. Cornelius' farewell. Joseph's word of thanks on the goodness of the heathen captain.

22,1. Thus Cornelius looked after the devout family and stayed the whole day and the whole night with them

22,2. In the afternoon, the shepherds came again to worship the Infant, and brought various offerings.

22,3. However, as they saw tents and the Roman captain in the hut, they wanted to flee from him in great fear;

22,4. for there were many fugitives from the Roman registration among them, who were in great fear of the penalty that could be imposed on such fugitives.

22,5. The captain went to them and spoke: "Do not fear me, for I will abate your punishment; but bear in mind that the will of the Emperor must be fulfilled, and therefore come tomorrow, and I will register you as gently and mildly as possible!"

22,6. As the shepherds now learnt that Cornelius was such a mild person, they overcame their shyness and let themselves be registered on the following day.

22,7. After his talk with the shepherds, the captain asked Joseph, whether the sun would never leave the morning this time.

22,8. And Joseph replied: "This sun, which rose on the earth today, never! But the natural sun will set in a few hours after running its normal course according to the Lord's will."

22,9. Such was Joseph's prophetic speech that he himself hardly knew and understood anything of what he had said!

22,10. But the captain asked Joseph: "What are you saying? – Look, I have not understood the meaning of your words; so speak to me in a more comprehensible way!"

22,11. And Joseph spoke: "A time will come in which you will warm yourself in the holy rays of this sun and will bathe in the stream of its Spirit!

22,12. I do not know what else to tell you and hardly understand myself what I have just said; in time, when I am no more, the magnificence of the eternal truth will be revealed to you."

22,13. And the captain did not ask Joseph anything more and kept these profound words in his soul.

22,14. On the following day, the captain greeted the entire family and assured them that he would take care of them as long as they stayed there, and keep them in his heart all his life.

22,15. Subsequently, he went about his business and gave the midwife another coin to provide for the family.

22,16. And when the captain had left, Joseph spoke to his sons: "Children, how is it that a heathen is better than many a Jew? – Is it possible that here the words of Isaiah are fitting, when he said:

22,17. 'Behold, my servants shall rejoice in good spirits; you, however, shall scream in anguish and howl in sorrow!'?" – And the sons of Joseph replied: "Yes, father, this passage is explained and understood in its entirety here."

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-22 Chapter