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Chapter 213. – The rebukes by Mary and Cyrenius are taken to heart by Joseph. He goes out and calls after the Infant.

213,1. As the Infant and James were outside, Mary said to Joseph:

213,2. "Listen, my dear husband and father Joseph! Sometimes you are a little too strict with the divine Child!

213,3. What else can you expect from a natural human child of two years and four months?

213,4. Who would subject him to such strict discipline?

213,5. You, however, are extremely strict with the Child of all children, as if he were, heaven knows, of a mature age!

213,6. See, that appears to me to be most unreasonable! – Even if you love Him exceedingly now and then, you are nevertheless sometimes so strict with Him, as if you had no love for Him!"

213,7. Cyrenius, Jonathan, Tullia, Eudokia and Maronius Pilla immediately concurred with Mary's sentiments.

213,8. And Cyrenius also said separately to Joseph: "Friend! I really cannot understand you sometimes!

213,9. One time you teach me to recognize God, the Supreme Being, in the Infant Himself, –

213,10. shortly afterwards you expect the Infant to pray to a God!

213,11. Tell me, does this make any sense? – If the Infant is the Divine entity Himself, how can He then pray to a God? – Does such a demand not appear a little absurd to you?

213,12. And in the case that the Infant were not that Being whom I now undoubtedly recognize and worship at all times,

213,13. then, according to me, a true children's friend, your request seems a little foolish to me;

213,14. for who can expect an austere prayer from a Child two years and four months old?

213,15. Therefore you must see my point when I, a gentile, tell you:

213,16. Friend, you must be struck by threefold blindness, if you are not able to respect the Infant for His real worth! –

213,17. Indeed, this time I too will not eat even one morsel if the Infant with His James are not here next to me!

213,18. Is it not ridiculous, that you supplicate the Lord God to bless the food and then demand that the same Lord God leaves the table because He has not prayed according to your habitual way?!

213,19. That is certainly why the Infant asked you, as to whom He should actually pray, and to whom you pray, and also to whom James should pray.

213,20. In my opinion, you have not realized what the Infant wanted to tell you therewith!"

213,21. Joseph took these most convincing remarks very much to heart, and he went out to fetch the Infant as well as James.

213,22. However, he called after James and the Infant in vain, for both of them had quickly gone away; but to where – nobody knew.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-213 Chapter