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Chapter 214. – Joseph's sons go in search of the Infant. The secret voices and their consoling words to Joseph. Joseph follows the approaching Infant to the summit of the mountain. A crossbeam made of cedar as a table for the Lord, set with lamb, wine and bread. The meal at the Lord's table. – "The true prayer is the love for Me!"

214,1. Hereupon Joseph became afraid, so he called the four eldest sons at once and said to them:

214,2. "Go and help me search for the Infant and James; for I have sinned against the Infant, and I am extremely frightened!"

214,3. And the four sons hastily went out in all directions and searched for the Infant for one hour, but they could not find Him anywhere and returned home empty-handed.

214,4. As Joseph saw that the four sons returned home unaccompanied, he was so full of anguish that he went far away from the villa and wept bitterly over his supposed offence against the Child.

214,5. As he wept, he heard a voice speaking to Him:

214,6. "Joseph! Righteous man, do not weep, and do not allow people to disturb your spirit!

214,7. For I, whom you now seek in fear and in a highly uneasy spirit, am closer to you than you think.

214,8. Continue in the direction you are facing, and your eyes will see He whom you seek, and who is now speaking to you!"

214,9. On hearing these wonderful words, Joseph got up comforted and hastily went onward along a country lane for half an hour in the direction he was facing.

214,10. And he came upon a prominent hill that was one hundred and seventy fathoms in height.

214,11. He then thought and spoke to himself: "Should I also climb this hill in this intense heat?"

214,12. And the voice spoke again: "Yes, you must also climb this hill, and only when you are at the summit will you see the Lord whom you did not see, when He sat next to you at the table!"

214,13. As Joseph heard this, he disregarded the intense heat and hastily climbed the hill.

214,14. And as he came to the summit, he found it covered in thick fog and was very surprised to see fog during this season on such a small hill; for it was around Easter.

214,15. And as he was wondering about it, James and the Infant soon appeared out of the fog, and the Infant said:

214,16. "Joseph! Do not be afraid, and come with happy spirits with Me to the summit of the hill,

214,17. and there convince yourself that the time has not yet come, in which the Lord should fast because He did not pray!

214,18. A time will indeed come in which the Lord will fast, but that is still come. – And so follow Me!"

214,19. And Joseph followed the Infant and soon reached the summit.

214,20. When he reached the summit, the fog receded, and he saw roasted lamb, a goblet full of delicious wine and a loaf of the finest wheat bread on a finely-polished crossbeam made of cedar.

214,21. At this Joseph was astonished and spoke: "But from where have you taken all this? – Have the angels brought them to you, or have You, o Lord, created them?"

214,22. And the Infant looked at the sun and spoke: "Joseph, see, even this luminary of the earth boards at My table!

214,23. And I tell you: it needs more in one hour than this vast earth, that carries you, amounts to, and see, it has never suffered from hunger and thirst! – And I have innumerable boarders of this type and also infinitely greater!

214,24. Do you suppose then that I would fast, when you send Me away from the table because I do not want to pray like you do at an inopportune time?

214,25. O look, that is unnecessary for the Lord! – Come now to My table and dine with Me; but this time without the habitual prayer!

214,26. For the true prayer is love towards Me; if you have this, then you can, at all times, save yourself the trouble of moving your lips!" – And Joseph went there and ate and drank at the real table of the Lord and found the food having a most heavenly taste.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-214 Chapter