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Chapter 215. – The cross-bearing Joseph. The Infant's gospel of the cross.

215,1. After this heavenly meal on the small hill, Joseph said to the Infant:

215,2. "My Lord and my God! I, a poor old man, entreat you to forgive me for having offended You for sure, and to return home with me!

215,3. For I can never return without You; if I should return without You, then all will turn bitterly against me and will punish me with harsh words!"

215,4. And the Infant spoke: "Yes, yes, I will indeed come with you; for I do not intend to set up residence and remain here!

215,5. However, there is one thing I demand of you, which is that you take My table on your shoulders and carry it home ahead of Me!

215,6. Do not be afraid of its weight; for although it will press you a little, it will not bend you nor exhaust you in the least!"

215,7. At these words, Joseph took the beautiful cross and James took the leftovers of the meal and set off for the return journey, with the Infant in the middle.

215,8. After a while, Joseph spoke to the Infant: "Listen, my most beloved Jesus! The cross is indeed rather heavy, – may we not rest awhile?"

215,9. And the Infant spoke: "Joseph, you have carried heavier burdens as a carpenter, which were not imposed on you by Me;

215,10. and look, you then did not allow yourself to rest until you had carried the loads to its destination!

215,11. You are now carrying just a small burden for Me for the first time and you want to take a break already after a thousand paces!?

215,12. O Joseph! – Carry, carry My light burden without taking a rest, and you will find just reward in My kingdom one day!

215,13. See, on this cross you will be aware of My burden, and its slight pressure will tell you what I am to you in the world!

215,14. But if you would leave this world in My arms, then this cross will become a fiery chariot of Elijah, in which you would blissfully ascend before Me!"

215,15. After these words, the elderly Joseph kissed the rather heavy cross and continued to carry it without stopping on the way;

215,16. and he did not seem nearly as heavy to him anymore, so he brought it to the villa with ease.

215,17. All in the villa were waiting in tense anticipation, and full of great anxiety as to from where Joseph, together with the Infant and James, would return.

215,18. But when Mary, Cyrenius and the others finally saw all three approaching, they were beside themselves!

215,19. Everyone ran towards them with open arms, and Mary at once seized the lnfant and hugged Him with unrestrained love.

215,20. Cyrenius, however, wondered how Joseph could drag home a gallows, a symbol of the uttermost disgrace and humiliation, on his shoulders.

215,21. And the Infant raised Himself in the arms of the mother and said to Cyrenius:

215,22. "Truly, truly! – This symbol of the greatest shame will become the symbol of the greatest glory!

215,23. If you do not carry it after Me, as Joseph is now doing, you will not enter My kingdom hereafter!" – These words caused Cyrenius to remain silent, and he did not ask further questions about Joseph's burden.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-215 Chapter