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Chapter 216. – Cold fish with oil and lemon juice. The reason for the Mosaic dietary laws. "Now and for evermore it will be said: The Lord is the best cook!"

216,1. Thereupon all returned to the house and went to the table, according to the Infant's will.

216,2. For none of the principal guests had eaten even one morsel of food; the three large fish lay there practically untouched.

216,3. However, as several hours were spent in the search for the Infant and it was almost evening,

216,4. the fish had naturally become cold, in which condition the Jews were usually not permitted to eat them.

216,5. But as the sun had not yet set, the fish could still be eaten; they were however required to be brought to the fire again to be warmed up.

216,6. Therefore Joseph called his four cooks and ordered them to roast the fish again.

216,7. The Infant spoke: "Joseph, do not bother with this work; because from now on, fish can be also eaten cold if they have been previously roasted!

216,8. Instead of roasting again, let lemons and good oil be brought,

216,9. and these fish will taste even better than if they were roasted again!"

216,10. Joseph followed the Infant's suggestion and had a full basket of lemons and a large pitcher of fresh oil brought in.

216,11. And all the guests were greedy to taste this new food.

216,12. Cyrenius was the first to take a rather large piece of fish and he put oil and lemon juice on it.

216,13. And as he began to eat, he could not give enough praise to the tastiness of the fish prepared in this way.

216,14. The governor's experience induced even the other guests to help themselves, and all found the food so delicious that they were utterly amazed.

216,15. As Joseph himself had sampled a rather large piece of fish, he said:

216,16. "Indeed! If Moses had ever tasted a fish prepared in this way he would surely have included it in his diet!

216,17. However, he must have not been as well versed in kitchen matters as You, my most beloved Jesus!"

216,18. Here the Infant smiled very warmly and spoke most affably:

216,19. "My dear father Joseph, the reason is due to the following:

216,20. Under Moses in the desert it was said: Hunger is the best cook! – And the people would have often eaten raw meat in their hunger, much to their ruin;

216,21. hence Moses stipulated such a diet, and the food had to be consumed fresh and warm. Now and for evermore it will be said: The Lord is the best cook! – And so one can also enjoy cold fish with lemon and oil.

216,23. And that is so because the cold but nevertheless well-roasted fish represents the state of the gentiles, the lemon juice represents the power from Me that unifies and pulls them together, and the oil represents My words to them. – Do you now understand why the fish tastes better?" – These words moved everyone to tears and they all greatly marvelled at the Infant's wisdom.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-216 Chapter