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Chapter 217. – Why the middle sea can be rightly called the "Mediterranean". "... for the true centre is there, where the Lord is!"

217,1. As all had eaten their fill of the cold fish, they got up, thanked Joseph for this good meal and then went outside; for the sun had not yet fully set.

217,2. When most of the guests from Cyrenius' entourage were outside, the Infant spoke to him:

217,3. "Cyrenius! – Do you not remember anymore, what you asked Me outside at the scene of the fire, when I praised the fish of the Mediterranean as being good and delicious?"

217,4. Cyrenius thought about it a little, but did not recall his question.

217,5. He therefore spoke to the Infant: "O You my Lord, my Life! – Forgive me, for I must confess that I have completely forgotten it!"

217,6. Here the Infant smiled again and most kindly said to the somewhat embarrassed Cyrenius:

217,7. "Did you not ask, whether the Mediterranean is really at the centre of the earth?

217,8. I advised you to look this up on the small globe, so that you convince yourself whether this sea is really at the centre of the earth.

217,9. Look, now is the best possible time to settle this matter!

217,10. Therefore hold the small globe and get the answer to your question!"

217,11. And Cyrenius spoke: "Yes – on my poor soul, I would have completely forgotten this, if You, o Lord, had not reminded me of it!"

217,12. Here James immediately jumped up and brought the small globe to Cyrenius.

217,13. Cyrenius then searched for the Mediterranean and soon found it.

217,14. As he indicated the Mediterranean with his finger, the Infant asked him:

217,15. "Cyrenius, is that really at the centre of the earth? – Or how do you see the matter?"

217,16. And Cyrenius spoke: "I am quite proficient at figures according to Euclid and Ptolemy (Lagus king in Egypt)

217,17. and therefore know from planimetry, that on the surface of the globe, any given point can be the centre of the surface, for firstly, it is exactly as far from the central point of the globe as every other point,

217,18. and because all the outgoing lines up to its antipode are of the same curvature and length.

217,19. According to this axiom, this sea can be called the Mediterranean.

217,20. However, I also find, that every sea exists under the same conditions and can be called Mediterranean just as well."

217,21. And the Infant spoke: "You are undoubtedly right; but nevertheless, the Euclidean principles do not apply here,

217,22. and this sea still cannot not be exclusively called the Mediterranean,

217,23. for the true centre is there, where the Lord is!"

217,24. See, the Lord is now at this sea, and therefore the middle of the sea is also here!

217,25. See, this is another calculation, which Euclid could not have even dreamt of, and it is more correct than his!"

217,26. This explanation sparked Cyrenius' interest strongly, and he continued to study it.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-217 Chapter