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Chapter 218. – All that is, has its divinely-ordained time and order. Time and eternity. From futile research into divine depths and from childlike simplicity as the path towards true wisdom.

218,1. The Infant remarked to Cyrenius, who had begun to get involved in further studies of the globe:

218,2. "Cyrenius, you are making further investigations in vain. I gave you a finger and you immediately want the whole hand!

218,3. Look, that is not possible; for everything has its time and its fixed and unchangeable order!

218,4. If you see a tree in bloom, you surely also want the ripe fruit.

218,5. But see, this is not possible; for every tree has its own time and order!

218,6. However, the time and the order is from Me from eternity, and I cannot go against Myself;

218,7. and nothing can be taken away from time and from order!

218,8. Although I really love you with all the fullness of My divine power, I cannot give you even a minute of transient time;

218,9. for this must continue to flow as a river and is unstoppable and has no rest, until it has reached the great shore of the unchangeable eternity!

218,10. Therefore your further investigation into My depths is somewhat futile.

218,11. For until the time is right, you will not come closer to My depths even by a hair's breadth through such methods!

218,12. Hence desist from such investigations, and do not exert your mind uselessly; for at the right time, all will be freely yours from Me!

218,13. You now want to comprehend in depth, as to why the centre is where I am?!

218,14. However, I say to you: You cannot understand such things now; therefore you should, for the time being, have faith, and prove the true humility of your spirit by this faith.

218,15. Only when your spirit has first reached the proper depths through true humility, you will, from this depth, get a clear insight into My depths.

218,16. But if you want to raise your spirit through inquiries, then it will increasingly forsake its living depths, and you will thereby distance yourself from My depths instead of coming nearer to them!

218,17. Yes – I also tell you: From now on, all deep wisdom will be concealed from the wise persons of the world;

218,18. but it will be put in the hearts of those who are simple-minded, the weak children and orphans!

218,19. Therefore become like a child in spirit, and then it will be the right time for you to receive the right wisdom!"

218,20. Cyrenius was greatly astonished at this doctrine and then asked the Infant, saying:

218,21. "Yes – if that is the case, then no man should ever learn to read or write!?

218,22. For if You freely give all this to those who are worthy of it, then why should one take the trouble of laborious studies?"

218,23. And the Infant spoke: "The field of wisdom is fertilized through right and humble study, and that is also according to My order.

218,24. However, you must not regard study as a purpose for wisdom, but only as a means!

218,25. When the field is fertilized, then I will scatter the seeds; only then can the right wisdom germinate! Do you understand this?" – Here Cyrenius remained silent and did not probe further. – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-218 Chapter