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Chapter 219. – The imposed cross as an expression of God's love to mankind.

219,1. After this highly instructive talk of the Infant with Cyrenius, Joseph turned to the Infant and asked Him what should happen to the cross he brought home.

219,2. And the Infant spoke: "Joseph! – I tell you, it has already found its man and its place!

219,3. Even you tell a merchant: 'You have a good product, and you will not possess it for long;

219,4. for it will soon find a buyer willing to purchase it somewhere!'

219,5. And see, I am also such a merchant! – I have brought a good product for public sale.

219,6. And it has already found a buyer and got itself sold through its love for Me;

219,7. and the buyer is Jonathan, the strong fisherman!

219,8. Should he not get anything for the many fish he has so often and so abundantly supplied us with?!

219,9. One hand washes the other. Whoever offers water shall also be offered water.

219,10. Whoever offers oil shall also be offered oil.

219,11. Whoever offers comfort shall also be eternally comforted.

219,12. Whoever offers love shall also be repaid with love.

219,13. Jonathan has given Me all his love; so I gave him also My love in this cross!

219,14. You too have offered Me love in the water and oil;

219,15. but I say to you: pure love is nevertheless more precious to Me than that with water and oil!

219,16. The cross has now become My pure love!

219,17. Therefore I give it to Jonathan, because he has pure love for Me;

219,18. for he loves Me for Myself alone, and that is pure love!

219,19. He loved Me, without knowing who I am; you however loved Me less, although you knew exactly Who I am.

219,20. And see, that was love diluted with quite a lot of water! – Therefore you shall never suffer water scarcity in this world, namely in your eyes.

219,21. Cyrenius loved Me with oil; therefore he shall be hereafter anointed with the oil of life, just as you are imbued with the water of life.

219,22. However, only those who love Me purely shall live hereafter in My chamber!"

219,23. This speech of the Infant caused great fear in Joseph, and even Cyrenius was very surprised.

219,24. The Infant spoke: "But on that account you should not believe that I will withhold the cross from you, – for whoever has a free heart will also be handed down a free cross!" – This announcement again soothed Joseph's and Cyrenius' spirit.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-219 Chapter