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Chapter 220. – Jonathan's tears and holy love for the Lord. Every man will be consecrated and be new-born through the love for God in his heart. For: "Is the love for Me not sacred in itself, just as I myself am in My divinity?"

220,1. At this speech of the Infant, Jonathan, full of fervent love, fell down before the Infant and wept in great joy and gratitude.

220,2. The Infant spoke to the others: "Do you see how powerful Jonathan's love for Me is? –

220,3. Truly I say to you, for every tear that springs from his eyes, there shall be a world for him in My kingdom!

220,4. I have already pointed out to you the value of and the difference between the types of tears; however, I once again tell you:

220,5. For Me, no tear is greater than that which equals Jonathan's!"

220,6. At these words of the Infant, the giant Jonathan plucked up courage and said:

220,7. "O almighty Lord of my Life! How can I – a great sinner – be worthy of such infinite mercy and compassion from You?!"

220,8. The Infant said: "Jonathan, just ask yourself how you can love Me so deeply in your heart, if you are such a great sinner?

220,9. Is the love for Me not sacred in itself, just as I myself am in My divinity?

220,10. How could you bear such holy love in your heart if you were indeed such a great sinner?

220,11. Is not every man consecrated and new-born through his love for God in his heart?

220,12. If you are full of this love, say, what is there within yourself that you call sin?

220,13. See, every man's flesh is a sin in itself; therefore, every man's flesh must die!

220,14. Yes, I say to you, even the flesh of My body is under the wages of sin and therefore it will also die, just as yours will!

220,15. However, this sin is not voluntary, but only one under judgment and forms no debt whatsoever for your independent spirit.

220,16. Therefore your worth is determined not according to your flesh but solely according to your independent love.

220,17. And hereafter it will not be: How was your body, but – how was your love?!

220,18. See, when you toss up a stone, it does not remain at the top but soon falls down again on the earth.

220,19. Why so? – Because the earth's matter, which is in itself full of love, attracts it as a love under judgment.

220,20. Why then do clouds and stars not fall from the sky? – See, this is because they are attracted by the love of heaven!

220,21. Now, if your heart is full of love for the eternally living God, what then will this independent and living love draw you to?"

220,22. This final question filled all present with the highest bliss and they now knew where they stood. – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-220 Chapter