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Chapter 221. – A remedy for the plague of insects. A comet.

221,1. After things had thus been explained to Jonathan and all the others present, Joseph said:

221,2. "Friends, the evening is beautiful; how would it be if we would spend an hour outside before we retire for the night?

221,3. For here in the rooms it is extremely stifling;

221,4. and if one goes to bed in such stifling heat, then one can neither sleep nor rest!"

221,5. And the Infant spoke: "Joseph, I agree with you; however, if only so many bothersome insects were not flying about, it would be even more pleasant to be outside in the evenings!"

221,6. And Joseph said: "Yes, You my Life, you are quite right!

221,7. If only we had a remedy to get rid of these annoying visitors without opposing Your order, that would be most desirable!"

221,8. And the Infant said: "Oh, no doubt, such a remedy will be found soon!

221,9. Go and take a full bowl of warm cow's milk and place it outside, and you will see how these several thousand bothersome little visitors will besiege the bowl – and will leave us in peace!"

221,10. Joseph instantly ordered his sons to place a bowl of warm milk outside.

221,11. And Joseph's sons did as Joseph had instructed them to do.

221,12. And as the bowl of warm milk was put outside, one could see, in the dim twilight, an immense swarm of all kinds of stinging insects over the milk bowl.

221,13. And all marvelled at this invention, through which millions of flies and mosquitoes converged together towards one point and waged a veritable milk war.

221,14. And Cyrenius said: "See, how easy and effective this device is!

221,15. A barely noticeable bowl of warm milk relieves us of the annoying insect plague!

221,16. Indeed, this should be implemented in Tyre immediately!

221,17. For also there, millions of such insects harass the people in the evenings."

221,18. And the Infant spoke: "Although the method is quite good, it cannot be successfully applied everywhere;

221,19. for the conditions are not the same everywhere, –

221,20. and the present conditions here will rarely be found anywhere else!

221,21. Hence this method works so admirably only here. This method will not be effective in places where these conditions are not present.

221,22. But look up to the sky and you will discover a comet!" – Here Cyrenius looked upwards and at once saw a large comet.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-221 Chapter