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Chapter 222. – A discussion about comets as harbingers of misfortune and war.

222,1. After Cyrenius carefully observed the large comet, he spoke:

222,2. "Indeed, a strange star! – It is the first one I have seen;

222,3. however, I have often heard of these mythical bearers of bad tidings in the sky."

222,4. At this remark of Cyrenius, even Maronius Pilla came over and said:

222,5. "Just look over there! The temple of Janus has been closed for barely seven years, and all said:

222,6. 'Now Rome will attain everlasting peace!', for this temple had never been closed for such a long time in the past!

222,7. Now we have the dreadful sign in front of our eyes that the Janus temple will be soon reopened,

222,8. and that it will begin to get rather lively on the great fields on Mars!"

222,9. Joseph asked Maronius Pilla, whether he seriously regarded such a tail star to be a harbinger of war.

222,10. And Maronius spoke very seriously: "O friend, that is the unshakeable truth! – I say to you: war upon war!"

222,11. And Cyrenius added: "Now we have the rights pair together at the same time!

222,12. Joseph is still greatly devoted to his Moses, and Maronius Pilla cannot get rid of his ancient pagan beliefs!"

222,13. At this Joseph spoke: "Highly respected brother and friend Cyrenius! I believe that Moses is surely better than the temple of Janus in Rome!"

222,14. And Cyrenius said: "Certainly! – However, if one has the Lord Jehovah Himself in His fullness, then I believe that Moses as well as the stupid Janus should take a back seat, and that once and for all!

222,15. According to ancient, unfounded legend, the comet is indeed a bearer of bad tidings;

222,16. however, I believe that our Lord and most beloved Jesus in His divine fullness will also be the master over this supposed lord of misadventure! Do you not agree with me?"

222,17. And Joseph spoke: "Yes, certainly; however, that is why Moses cannot be compared to Janus, not even in the presence of the Lord!"

222,18. And Cyrenius said: "I too do not want to do that; however, if I have the Lord, Moses and Janus are the same to me!"

222,19. Here the Infant spoke to Cyrenius: "Stand by that!

222,20. For truly, when dealing with eternity, all dimensions disappear, and naught is as much as a million!"

222,21. This response of the Infant gave Joseph a little jolt, and thereupon discontinued his introduction of Moses to Cyrenius.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-222 Chapter