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Chapter 223. – A visual instruction on the nature of comets, taking a milk bowl as an example.

223,1. Jonathan, who always keenly questioned the reasons for everything, now came to Joseph and spoke:

223,2. "Brother, there is one other thing in which the Lord, as recently during the lunar eclipse, could help clarify our doubts!

223,3. Do you think that He would explain this to us if we asked Him about it?"

223,4. And Joseph spoke: "My dear brother Jonathan, it just needs to be put to the test!

223,5. Whoever firmly trusts the Lord has built on a strong foundation.

223,6. Go to the Infant who is in Mary's lap, and ask Him,

223,7. and we shall see what reply you will get to your query!"

223,8. At these words of Joseph, Jonathan at once went to the Infant with all possible love and humility and wanted to make an inquiry.

223,9. But the Infant anticipated Jonathan and spoke:

223,10. "Jonathan, I already know what you want; however, it is not for you!

223,11. Go to the house and take a small torch,

223,12. light it, and then go with the burning torch to the milk bowl that is placed there for the flies and the mosquitoes,

223,13. and I tell you, you will also see a comet in conjunction with its fundamental nature there!"

223,14. Jonathan immediately did as the Infant had advised him to do.

223,15. And see, as he approached the milk bowl holding the burning torch, over which millions of midges, flies and mosquitoes were buzzing around,

223,16. he actually saw a glimmering tail, several fathoms long that, naturally, consisted of the flying insects,

223,17. and of which the milk bowl formed the head.

223,18. This phenomenon was also observed by several other people,

223,19. and all marvelled at the similarity of this appearance with the comet in the sky.

223,20. And Jonathan went to the Infant and asked Him what he should make of this.

223,21. And the Infant said: "For the time being, just as you have seen it! But not all may learn of the secret;

223,22. therefore be content with this in the meantime! Tomorrow will be another day."

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-223 Chapter