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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-224 Chapter

Chapter 224. – Analogical and explanatory hints about the nature of comets.

224,1. Here Jonathan began to think deeply but was totally unable to come up with a sensible idea.

224,2. Naturally, the Infant realized at once that Jonathan could not see the correlation between the heavenly comet and the milk bowl comet.

224,3. He therefore sat up and spoke to Jonathan:

224,4. "My dear Jonathan! See, what is occurring within you is the same as that which you saw in the image of the milk bowl comet!

224,5. A big bowl full of milk represents your heart, whereby the milk represents your love.

224,6. But there is now an enormous swarm of midges, flies and mosquitoes just above that milk bowl.

224,7. And the shape of this swarm gives rise to your highly ridiculous thoughts on the similar nature of the two comets.

224,8. Oh – friend Jonathan! – Who could seriously consider the core of a heavenly comet to be a milk bowl and the tail a swarm of flies?!

224,9. These are only analogies but not completely natural similarities!

224,10. Do you really know what an analogy is? – What is a bowl, what is the milk inside the bowl and what is the swarm of flies and mosquitoes?

224,11. See, you do not understand this; so listen to me, and I will tell you something about it!

224,12. The bowl represents a vessel to receive substances that are linked to the nourishing life force from Me.

224,13. Milk is a substance that can carry the nourishing life force within itself to an extremely high degree.

224,14. The life force in the midges, flies and mosquitoes is freely active;

224,15. but if they are not nourished with a reasonably nourishing life force, they soon get weak and cannot develop towards a higher and more perfect level.

224,16. Now look, the heavenly comet is nothing more than a newly-created developing world!

224,17. The core is the vessel to receive the nourishing life force from Me.

224,18. This life force is warmed up by a fire, which is also created from the life force given by Me, thereby dissolving into nourishing vapour.

224,19. However, so that this vapour with a more developed life force does not evaporate, thereby depriving the new celestial body of this life force,

224,20. they are absorbed into innumerable monads (tiny ether animals) and carried by these to the newly-forming celestial body towards a more perfect development.

224,21. Look, that is the corresponding similarity between the heavenly comet and our milk bowl comet!

224,22. Do not investigate further into this matter, so that your love will not be weakened by your investigation!"

224,23. Many others also heard this explanation, but none understood it; however, many believed that it must be so.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-224 Chapter