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Chapter 225. – Why the excessive investigations into the depths of God's creations is detrimental to God's children.

225,1. Cyrenius asked the Infant and said: "O You my Life! – Why may or why should one not investigate deeper into Your works?

225,2. Why are such investigations into Your sayings detrimental to the love for you?

225,3. I believe in just the opposite: When one understands Your works in an increasingly deeper and clearer way, then the love for You would obviously increase and not get weaker!

225,4. For this is also the case among us human beings; that a man is always more precious, the more perfections we detect in him.

225,5. And how much more would this apply to You, the Lord and Creator of all greatness and perfection and magnificence, the deeper we understand You!

225,6. Therefore I would like to request You Yourself, You my Life, to give me further explanations about this strange star!

225,7. For my heart tells me, that I will be able to love You completely only when I know You ever deeper in Your almighty and wisest miraculous works.

225,8. No one can love you as the united God and Lord, if he did not know You beforehand, –

225,9. that is, our soul's recognition of You is the main reason for our love for You!

225,10. Just as I also needed to know my wife before I could become very attached to her! If I had never known her, then I would surely never have married her!"

225,11. Here the Infant smiled and said: "O My dear Cyrenius! If you would more often impart such wise teachings to Me, I might still turn out to become a clever human being in the end!

225,12. See, you have told Me genuinely new things;

225,13. but now think about this: just now you were My teacher, for you tried to prove to Me that, contrary to My warning that excessive investigation in My works is harmful to the soul of man in the sphere of his love for Me, such investigation is the right thing to do.

225,14. So how should I, now a student of yours, instruct you about things that are unknown to you?!

225,15. If you know better reasons than those given to you by your God and your Creator, how can you then beg for deeper instruction from Him?

225,16. Or do you really think that God would allow Himself to be moved by rational considerations made by man, as if He were a judge according to the laws of the world?

225,17. O Cyrenius! You are gravely in error here!

225,18. Look, I alone know My eternal order, which is the mother of all things!

225,19. Even you come forth from this order! – The love of your spirit for Me is your very own life.

225,20. If you now want to avert your love for Me and bestow it on My creatures, so that you could then love Me more powerfully, when in fact you have Me in the flesh right here before you,

225,21. say, is there any reason for this foolish increase in love?

225,22. Yes – he who does not know me and does not have Me in him, may well rise towards Me by your method;

225,23. but to the one who already has Me in his lap, of what use would your gradual approach be?"

225,24. Here Cyrenius was completely taken aback, took it deeply to heart, and nobody asked anything further about the comet.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-225 Chapter