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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-226 Chapter

Chapter 226. – The withdrawal of the divinity in the Child. The Infant's last instructions for Joseph and Cyrenius. The night's sleep. James' special grace from the Child Jesus.

226,1. After the matter of the comet was settled, the Infant said to Joseph:

226,2. "Joseph, throughout these two days I was the formal head of the household, and all of you obeyed Me;

226,3. however, from now on I again hand over this position of head of the household to you, and whatever you order will be done!

226,4. From now on I will again become like any other human child – and it must be so; for even My body has to grow for the salvation of you all.

226,5. Therefore do not expect any evident miracles in this land from Me, either now or in the future!

226,6. Nevertheless, do not allow your faith and trust to doubt My power and authority;

226,7. for I am, I have always been and always will be, for eternity!

226,8. Thus never fear the world, which is nothing before Me; but be afraid of yourself doubting Me, – for that would be the death of your souls!

226,9. With this, reassume the responsibility for the house, Joseph, and manage it properly and righteously in the name of My Father, Amen.

226,10. You too, Cyrenius, should travel in happy spirits to Tyre tomorrow, where important business awaits you already!

226,11. My love and mercy are with you, and so you may be at peace. Everything else should be decided by Joseph; for he is now the head of the household!"

226,12. Thereupon the Infant called James and spoke to him:

226,13. "James! – Between us, the first relationship prevails, as you already know!

226,14. And this is how everything has to remain in this land, Amen!"

226,15. Joseph was extremely sad about this and implored the Infant to remain in His divinity.

226,16. The Infant, however, now spoke in a most childish manner and no trace of divinity could be detected in his speech.

226,17. He was also soon sleepy, and James had to bring Him to bed.

226,18. The company sat together deep into the night and discussed about the reasons for such a change in the Infant;

226,19. but no one said anything conclusive and instead each asked the other, –

226,20. but no one could come up with a valid response.

226,21. And Joseph finally spoke: "We know, what we need, and what we have to do, and we should be satisfied with that!

226,22. It is now already late in the night; so I think it would be best if we retired."

226,23. In this all agreed with Joseph and proceeded to the house to have a good rest.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-226 Chapter