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Chapter 227. – Joseph's worry about the morning meal. The empty pantry. Jonathan's help with a valuable load of fish.

227,1. On the next day, Joseph was, as usual, up and about much earlier than anyone else, and went outside to see what sort of a day it was going to be.

227,2. He saw all the signs of a fine day and then went back into the house and woke up his sons, so that they could prepare a good breakfast for the guests.

227,3. And the sons quickly got up and went to check the supplies in the pantry.

227,4. And after they had examined the pantry, they instantly went to Joseph and said:

227,5. "Listen, dear father, your assignment would be absolutely no problem;

227,6. if only our pantry was not so emptied over the past few days, so that it is now completely impossible for us to prepare a meal even for just ten people.

227,7. Therefore advise us from where we should take the food, and the meal will be ready in an hour!"

227,8. Here Joseph scratched his ear a little and went himself to the pantry, only to have his sons' statements confirmed, which only increased his embarrassment.

227,9. His thoughts went back and forth but he could not think of anything to lessen his embarrassment.

227,10. As Joseph stood there pondering in the outer house, Jonathan came from his bedchamber, greeted and kissed his old friend and asked him why he stood there so sad and pensive.

227,11. And Joseph promptly showed Jonathan the reason for his embarrassment, namely, the empty pantry.

227,12. As Jonathan saw this, he said to Joseph:

227,13. "O my dearest friend, you should not worry about this!

227,14. See, my pantries are still very full; I still possess about two thousand hundredweights of smoked fish!

227,15. Therefore let your sons immediately come with me and, in one-and-a-half hours, your pantry will look quite different!"

227,16. This offer really soothed Joseph's heart, and he readily accepted it.

227,17. In less than one-and-a-half hours, Jonathan and the four sons arrived with a huge load of fish.

227,18. The sons brought almost four hundredweights of smoked fish, and Jonathan brought three casks full of fresh fish and ten large loaves of wheat bread.

227,19. As Joseph saw the approaching persons so loaded, he was full of joy and thanked and praised God for this, and then embraced and kissed Jonathan.

227,20. Thereupon the kitchen was soon bursting with activity.

227,21. The sons cheerfully bustled around; Mary and Eudokia themselves came out of their bedchamber and went to milk the cows.

227,22. And so, in half an hour, a bounteous morning meal was prepared for more than a hundred guests.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-227 Chapter