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Chapter 228. – A contest of love between Joseph and Cyrenius. Joseph's unselfishness. How to recognize the true from the false servants of God.

228,1. As the morning meal was prepared in this way and all the guests were up and about, Joseph went to Cyrenius and asked him if he was ready to have his morning meal.

228,2. And Cyrenius said to Joseph: "O most exalted friend and brother! I am certainly ready, together with my entire entourage;

228,3. but I also know, that you do not have the necessary supplies to cater to more than a hundred people for several days in a row.

228,4. I will therefore send my servants into the city this morning, so that they can buy foodstuffs for me and you!"

228,5. As Joseph heard this, he said:

228,6. "O dear friend and brother, you can do this for your ship;

228,7. but there is absolutely no need to go through such trouble for my sake.

228,8. For look, firstly, the morning meal is already prepared, and secondly, there is more food in my pantry than can be consumed by all of you in eight days.

228,9. Therefore do not worry about me; for I am well taken care of!"

228,10. And Cyrenius spoke: "Truly, truly, even if I would not have any other testimonial of your supreme calling, this would give me testimonial of your most incredible unselfishness!

228,11. Yes, that is how we can always accurately distinguish the true from the false servants of God:

228,12. The true servants are unselfish to a high degree, and the false ones are exactly the opposite;

228,13. for the true servants serve God in their hearts and also receive the supreme and eternal reward, –

228,14. the false ones, however, serve a God in the world who is modelled after their wicked nature – for the sake of the world;

228,15. therefore, they also seek the reward of the world and see to it that they are excessively paid at every turn.

228,16. For, as a born heathen, I very well know how the Roman priests indefinitely demand payment at every turn.

228,17. Indeed, I myself had to once pay a high priest a hundred pounds of gold for advice!

228,18. Question: Was he a true servant of a true God?

228,19. You, on the other hand, have hosted me for three days already, not to mention the teachings I received in your house, – and you still do not accept anything!

228,20. You have not accepted anything even for my eight children! – This should clearly show what the genuine and true servants of God look like?!"

228,21. Joseph however said: "Brother, do not talk further on this subject, for even such talk is too much for me,

228,22. instead come and sit down at the table, and the morning meal will be served right away!" – And Cyrenius did as Joseph wished and sat down at the table.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-228 Chapter