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Chapter 229. – The cheerful morning meal. Joseph speaks on the goodness of the Lord. The Infant at the table. Delightful scenes between little Jesus and Cyrenius.

229,1. As all were now seated at the dining table, the deliciously prepared fish was placed on the table,

229,2. and Cyrenius greatly wondered how Joseph could obtain such a quantity of fresh fish so early in the morning!

229,3. And Joseph pointed here to the huge Jonathan and spoke somewhat jokingly:

229,4. "See, if one has such a great fishing expert as friend, then one does not need to grasp far – and the fish are there!"

229,5. Here Cyrenius smiled and said: "Yes, you are undoubtedly right!

229,6. Truly, under such circumstances, one can always have fresh fish, and particularly when one also has Someone in his house!"

229,7. And hereupon Joseph raised his hand and spoke with a deeply touched heart:

229,8. "Yes, brother Cyrenius, – and particularly Someone, whom we will never be worthy of!

229,9. May He bless this good morning meal for us all, that it truly strengthens our bodies and our love for Him - the most holy One!"

229,10. This exclamation of Joseph's brought all the guests to tears and everyone praised the great God in the still sleeping Infant.

229,11. As they began to eat the fish at the end of the eulogy, the Infant awoke;

229,12. and the pleasant aroma of the fish at once told Him what was on the table.

229,13. He therefore quickly got out of His low cot, ran naked towards the table at which Mary sat, and asked for something to eat.

229,14. Mary immediately took Him in her lap and said to James:

229,15. "Hurry, and bring me a clean shirt from the room!"

229,16. And James at once did as Mary wished and brought a clean shirt.

229,17. On this occasion, however, the Infant did not want to be dressed.

229,18. This made Mary a little indignant and she said: "Look, my Child, sitting naked at the table is not proper;

229,19. hence I will be quite angry, if you do not allow yourself to be dressed!"

229,20. Cyrenius, moved to tears by the sight of the tender Infant, said to Mary:

229,21. "O dear, fairest mother, give me the Infant so that I can once more hold and cuddle Him completely naked!

229,22. Who knows if such infinite happiness will ever again be bestowed on me in this world!?"

229,23. And the Infant smiled at Cyrenius and demanded to go to him.

229,24. And Mary handed Him over to Cyrenius, who wept in joy and bliss, as the healthy Infant kicked about energetically in his lap.

229,25. And Cyrenius immediately asked Him, which piece of the fish He wanted to eat.

229,26. And the Infant spoke in a most childlike manner: "Give Me that white piece, which has no bones in it!"

229,27. And Cyrenius at once gave the Infant the best and perfect piece into His hands, and the Infant ate it happily and in utter contentment.

229,28. After He had eaten His full, He said: "That was good! – Now dress Me!

229,29. For when I am hungry, I want to eat first and wear clothes only afterwards!" – Thereupon the Infant did not say anything further and had Cyrenius quietly dress Him.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-229 Chapter