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Chapter 231. – Cyrenius' gratitude, gift and words of farewell. – Cyrenius stays one more day.

231,1. After this childly scene, the morning meal ended.

231,2. And as Joseph finished the thanksgiving prayer, Cyrenius at once went over to Joseph and said:

231,3. "My dearest friend! Your services to me, as also to my brother Julius Augustus Quirinus Caesar in Rome, have been so crucial, that I could never adequately repay you for them.

231,4. But to leave you completely unrecompensed – see, that is really impossible for me!

231,5. I know that you will not accept a princely reward from me;

231,6. therefore I thought to myself: It looks as if you will have a meagre grain harvest this year;

231,7. and your house has nevertheless quite a large number of people living in it.

231,8. In any case, nine persons belong to me, and you and yours total eight persons; making seventeen persons altogether.

231,9. And now I believe that your flour containers are empty and so is your pantry,

231,10. and that you already have insufficient fodder in stock for your cows, goats and donkeys. –

231,11. Look, I am also very aware of the fact that you have almost nothing to wear.

231,12. Therefore – my dearest brother, you must at least accept from me what you need for the time being.

231,13. Of course I am well aware that it is extremely ridiculous for an earthly man to presume to support the Lord of infinity, for Whom it is easy to create myriad worlds with one word.

231,14. But I also know that this holy Lord of infinity does not always want to work miracles contrary to His eternal miracle order, because for us created beings, this always comes with a judgment attached.

231,15. For this reason, you should at least accept that what you need,

231,16. and not refuse my gift this time, as you are wont to do!"

231,17. And Joseph said: "Yes – brother! – This time you may be almost right!

231,18. But – I must ask the Lord before I accept anything from you."

231,19. Here the Infant, who was with James, quickly came over to Joseph and said:

231,20. "Joseph, accept that what Cyrenius wants to give you, so that you have food in the house!"

231,21. Thereupon Joseph agreed to accept Cyrenius' offer.

231,22. And Cyrenius at once handed over a sum of one thousand pounds of silver and seventy pounds of gold to Joseph.

231,23. Joseph thanked Cyrenius and accepted the large amount.

231,24. This made Cyrenius extremely cheerful and he said: "Brother! – Now my heart is lighter by a thousand hundredweights! However, I will not leave here today, but tomorrow; for my great love for you does not allow me to leave this place!" – And Joseph was very happy about this.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-231 Chapter