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Chapter 232. – Joseph's money box and worries about thieves. The Infant's good advice to Joseph.

232,1. Joseph did not have a chest in which to keep the large amount of money.

232,2. So he immediately ordered his servants to go to the city and buy a chest, regardless of the cost!

232,3. And the servants went and in the course of two hours, brought a rather beautiful chest made of cedar, which had cost ten pounds of silver.

232,4. This chest was brought into Joseph's bedchamber, and his sons placed the heavy and large quantity of money into this strong and beautiful chest.

232,5. After the money was put away in this manner, Joseph spoke:

232,6. "Seen from the earthly point of view, this is the first time in my whole life that I am rich;

232,7. for I have never seen so much money, let alone possessed so much of it!

232,8. Until now my house had no worries about thieves or robbers;

232,9. however, from now on we will not have enough eyes or time to protect this money from thieves and robbers!"

232,10. But Jonathan said: "Brother, do not worry about it!

232,11. I know for certain whom the thieves and robbers seek out.

232,12. Look, they only seek out those who are stingy and mean!

232,13. You are not like that, – therefore you can remain calm; for everyone anyway gets three times more than he demands from you!

232,14. Thus, I think, you will have to deal with a lot of beggars, but definitely not with thieves and robbers!"

232,15. Here even Mary came over and spoke to Joseph:

232,16. "Listen, dear father, you know that we received a large amount of gold from the three wise men from Persia, when we were in the town of our father David;

232,17. and look, we do not have anything left of this gold, not even the size of a grain of sand, although we were not robbed of it!

232,18. So I believe that the same will happen again: before a year is up, there will be nothing left, and this without any encounters with thieves and robbers.

232,19. So just be very calm! – For in a house, in which the Lord dwells, gold has no standing, and besides, the robbers and thieves will not want to have dealings with the house of the Lord!

232,20. For they know as well as you and me, that it would be ominous to misappropriate treasures that are, as it were, in God's chest."

232,21. As Mary finished speaking, the Infant also came over and spoke:

232,22. "Faithful Joseph! You should not look so fearfully at that chest, in which My brothers have put the money!

232,23. If you look so frightened, I could think that you were unwell.

232,24. And see, I do not want you to be unwell!

232,25. This money will not burden you for long. Now buy a lot of flour and other foodstuff and some clothes and distribute the rest of the money,

232,26. and the chest will soon be empty again!" – These childlike words had such a soothing effect on Joseph that he was promptly in very good spirits.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-232 Chapter