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Chapter 233. – Joseph and his family. Domestic worries and duties. Jonathan's tremendous help through his trust in God.

233,1. Afterwards, Joseph called his four sons and said to them:

233,2. "Take this pound of silver and go to the city and buy flour and whatever else is needed in the kitchen,

233,3. and come and prepare a good midday meal, as Cyrenius is giving me the honour of his presence today also!"

233,4. And the sons went and did as the father had instructed them to do.

233,5. Mary also came to Joseph and remarked privately to him, that the firewood stockpile had diminished to such an extent, that not even one meal could be prepared from the insignificant bit that remained.

233,6. Then Joseph called Jonathan and told him about his dilemma.

233,7. And Jonathan spoke: "Brother, give me your big and strong axe and I will go to the woods there on the mountain;

233,8. indeed, you will have a large quantity of wood in three hours!"

233,9. And Joseph gave Jonathan a strong axe, who went to the woods on the nearest mountain that belonged to the villa, and soon felled a powerful cedar tree, tied the trunk with a thick rope and dragged the whole mighty tree to the front of Joseph's house.

233,10. As he arrived with his felled tree, all were amazed at Jonathan's immense strength.

233,11. And several of Cyrenius' servants together tried to drag the tree further, but their efforts were in vain;

233,12. for the thirty of them could not move the tree even by a hair's breath, as it weighed about a hundred hundredweights in all.

233,13. Jonathan said to Cyrenius' servants:

233,14. "Instead of this vain attempt, take big and small axes and help me quickly cut the tree into small pieces!

233,15. This effort will please the host better than if you try to measure my tremendous strength by your vain effort!"

233,16. And straightaway, all the servants lent a hand, and with Jonathan's powerful participation, the whole tree was split into small pieces in half an hour.

233,17. Joseph was full of joy at this and said: "O this is excellent!

233,18. Indeed, it would have meant three days of work for me, if I had to cut such a tree into pieces,

233,19. and you needed less than three hours altogether!"

233,20. Hereupon Jonathan said: "O brother! Great body strength is indeed a useful thing;

233,21. but what is it against the strength of Him, who lives with you, and by whose breath the entire infinity trembles?!"

233,22. Here the Infant came to Jonathan and said to him: "Be silent, Jonathan, and do not reveal My secret; for I know when I have to show Myself!

233,23. However, if My power had not been with you just now, you would not have been able to prevail over this tree. – But be silent and do not say anything about it!" – So Jonathan did not speak further and only now understood how he had conquered this tree so effortlessly. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-233 Chapter