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Chapter 234. – The governor's embarrassment due to a deputation of the foremost and noblest citizens of the city. Cyrenius invites the deputation to a meal. The curse of money.

234,1. As Joseph's house was thus supplied with wood in this way and Joseph's sons were energetically preparing the midday meal,

234,2. a glittering delegation of prominent citizens came from the city to greet the supreme governor.

234,3. For this time no one in the city had learnt of Cyrenius' presence, as he wanted to be here strictly incognito.

234,4. However, people saw the familiar servants, as well as Joseph's sons, in the city in the morning, and hence assumed the presence of the governor.

234,5. They therefore assembled in the city and came out in all splendour, which was, on this occasion, most inconvenient to Cyrenius.

234,6. The commander and the familiar captain were naturally at the head of the large company comprising the foremost and noblest citizens of the city of Ostracine.

234,7. The commander profusely apologized for his late knowledge, and that only by a lucky coincidence, of the Imperial Consular Highness' supreme presence honouring this region.

234,8. Cyrenius, however, almost turned back in his secret annoyance at this for him highly untimely visit.

234,9. He nevertheless had to put on a brave front out of political considerations and therefore responded to his greetings with equally pleasant words.

234,10. After a while, however, he said to the commander: "Dear friend, being great men of the world has unpleasant consequences sometimes!

234,11. A common man can go wherever he wants and he will remain incognito;

234,12. we, however, only need to take a step onto the threshold, and our incognito is torn to shreds.

234,13. I heartily accept your stately greeting in the name of my brother;

234,14. but it should not detract from the fact that I am strictly incognito here!

234,15. That is to say in other words, my presence here is unofficial and should not be reported to Rome under any circumstances!

234,16. If I should learn that someone has dared to report my presence here to Rome, indeed, he will fare badly! – For bear in mind that I am here in strict incognito for the world!

234,17. Why? – I know the reason, and no one needs to ask me about it.

234,18. Now go home and change to ordinary clothes, and come out here again for the midday meal that will take place in approximately three hours before sunset!"

234,19. Here the deputation bowed before the governor and departed.

234,20. Thereupon Joseph went over to Cyrenius and said:

234,21. "See, this is already the first consequence of the money that you gave me in such abundance!

234,22. Your servants had to buy a chest for it, and they were recognized – and your presence here was betrayed.

234,23. As I always say: Gold and silver still bear the ancient curse of God!"

234,24. The Infant, who was close to Joseph, added with a smile:

234,25. "Therefore, one cannot heap greater insult on the proud gold and the conceited silver than by distributing it fairly among the beggars.

234,26. You however, my dear Joseph, do this all the time; hence the old curse will do you, as well as Cyrenius, little harm.

234,27. Oh, I am not at all anxious about this gold; for here it is already in the right place!"

234,28. These words once again soothed Joseph and Cyrenius, and they now awaited the invited guests in very happy spirits. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-234 Chapter