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Chapter 235. – The noble company at the meal. Joseph's advice regarding the social considerations in the seating arrangement. The Infant's annoyance at the badly arranged side table. A prophetic prediction.

235,1. The deputation, after a change in clothes, returned from the city at the predetermined time, greeted all in Joseph's house and proceeded with Cyrenius to the already prepared meal.

235,2. However, as the actual number of guests exceeded the expected number, Joseph's table was too small to also accommodate his own family at the same table.

235,3. The Infant therefore surreptitiously said to Joseph: "Father Joseph, let a small table be set for us in the adjoining room!

235,4. And tell Cyrenius that he should not be offended by this,

235,5. and tell him that I will go to him after the meal!"

235,6. And Joseph did as the Infant had instructed him to do.

235,7. Cyrenius, however, said to Joseph: "This is not possible! – The Lord of infinity is among us; surely we cannot seat him at the little table!

235,8. O that would really be the strangest order of the world!

235,9. I tell you, of all people, He and you should sit at the head!"

235,10. And Joseph spoke: "Dearest brother, this is not possible this time;

235,11. for look, there are now many pagans from the city here, and the Lord's proximity might be detrimental to them; therefore the Infant's will should be respected here, as everywhere and at all times."

235,12. And the Infant joined them and said: "Cyrenius! Joseph is right, just do what he says!"

235,13. Thus Cyrenius' objected no more and he proceeded with his entourage, as well as the deputation from the city, to the midday meal.

235,14. And Joseph promptly ordered a good and serviceable table to be placed in the adjoining room, at which he, Mary, the Infant with His James,

235,15. Jonathan, Eudokia and Cyrenius' eight children took their seats.

235,16. Naturally, the foods served at the guest table were of higher quantity and quality than the ones at the house table.

235,17. And the Infant spoke: "O you blot on the face of the earth! – Must you then bring forth that which is the worse for none other than your own Lord!?

235,18. O you now fertile land between Asia and Africa, you will be struck with great barrenness for ever!

235,19. In truth, truth! – If our table did not have some fish, there would be absolutely nothing edible for Me!

235,20. Here is a milk dish with a little honey, which I do not like, and there a roasted sea onion, and there a small melon, and there some stale bread and next to it, some butter and honey, –

235,21. that is our entire meal; nothing but foods that I do not like, except for the few fish!

235,22. Although I do not want that the guests are worse off than us;

235,23. it is also not right that we are so much worse off than the guests!"

235,24. Joseph said: "O dear Jesus, do not sulk in this manner, for look, we are all in the same boat!"

235,25. And the Infant spoke: "Give Me some of the fish, and then it is well for now. But it must be different on other occasions; for I cannot always be content with this everyday food!" – Joseph kept this in mind and gave the Infant some fish to eat.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-235 Chapter