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Chapter 236. – A domestic kitchen scene and its serious consequences. The basic gospel of incarnation.

236,1. While eating the fish, the Infant asked Jonathan: "Jonathan, is this the best kind of fish?

236,2. For I must tell you that I do not find this fish tasty!

236,3. For firstly it is tough, and secondly it is as dry as straw.

236,4. Truly, it cannot be a good species of fish, and this low quality of fish can also be deduced by its great number of annoying fish bones!"

236,5. And Jonathan replied: "Yes, O You my Lord and my God! It is indeed fish of the lowest quality!

236,6. O if only Joseph had told me earlier, I would have gladly run to and fro ten times and got the very best fish for You!"

236,7. Here even Joseph was angry at his sons for the bad food on the table.

236,8. The Infant, however, spoke: "Joseph, we should not get angry about this;

236,9. but it is still strange that My brothers keep the best food in the kitchen for themselves, and serve us the worst of all the foods.

236,10. May all that they eat be blessed; however, their action is neither nice nor commendable! –

236,11. See, you have given Me the best piece of fish; but still I can't eat it all, although I am rather hungry, –

236,12. and that is certainly the surest sign that the fish is bad!

236,13. Here – try this piece, and you will be convinced that I am right!"

236,14. Here Joseph tasted the fish and found the Infant's assertion fully confirmed.

236,15. He promptly stood up and went to the kitchen and discovered the four sons eating their fill of a choice tuna fish.

236,16. At this, Joseph was beside himself, and he began to give the four cooks a severe scolding.

236,17. They said: "Father! – See, we have to do all the hard work, why should we not sometimes eat a better piece than what is eaten by those who do not work?!

236,18. Besides, the fish we have put on your table is really not bad.

236,19. It is only because of the Infant, who is highly pampered by you and sometimes too full of caprices, and nothing is then right or good enough for Him!"

236,20. This angered Joseph and he said: "Good, as you have confronted me with such words, you will never again prepare the food for my table!

236,21. From now on, Mary will be my cook, you, however, can cook whatever you like for yourselves; but, in future, none of you may ever sit at my table!"

236,22. Here Joseph left the kitchen and returned highly agitated via the side door to his table companions.

236,23. The Infant was sad and began to cry in full earnest and sobbed violently.

236,24. At once Mary, Joseph and James anxiously asked Him what the trouble was, whether He was suffering any pain –

236,25. or what could have happened to make Him so sad and wretched all of a sudden?

236,26. The Infant sighed heavily and spoke in a most melancholic tone to Joseph:

236,27. "Joseph! – Is it then so pleasant to show the poor and the weak one's own splendour and to condemn them because of a minor offence?!

236,28. Just look at Me, how many miserable cooks have I in the world, who would have let Me, as a Father of all Fathers, starve to death long ago, if it were possible to do that to Me!

236,29. I tell you, cooks, who do not want to have anything more to do with Me and also do not want to learn or hear anymore from Me!

236,30. And look, I still do not go out to judge them in my righteous anger!

236,31. Is it then so pleasant to be a master? – See, I am the only Lord of infinity, and beside Me, there is eternally no other!

236,32. And see, I, your Creator and Father for everything, wanted to be a weak human child and fully restrain My eternal and infinite Divine splendour,

236,33. so that through this example, humble above all, you should come to feel revulsion at your past tyrannical spirit!

236,34. But no! Precisely at this time, of all times, in which the Lord of all splendour has humbled Himself among all men, so that He can win them in such lowliness, men mostly want to master and rule over others!

236,35. I know very well, that you have judged the four cooks primarily because of Me;

236,36. but if you recognize Me as the Lord, why did you anticipate Me in this matter?

236,37. See, we all are not unhappy because we were served with a poor fish; for we can instantly prepare a better one!

236,38. The four brothers are now the saddest persons on the earth, because you as their father have judged them;

236,39. and see, it was no just punishment for such a minor offence!

236,40. Where would you human beings be, if I did to you, what you do to each other; if I were so short-tempered and impatient as you are?!

236,41. You do not know why we have been served so meagrely; but I do.

236,42. Therefore I tell you this, go there and revoke your judgment, and James will reveal the reason for the poor meal to you!"

236,43. Here Joseph went and called his four sons, so that they could confess their error and be forgiven.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-236 Chapter