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Chapter 237. – A humble and heartfelt speech of the four brothers to the insulted Infant. His divine reply to His brothers.

237,1. And the four sons of Joseph came to Joseph's dining room, immediately knelt down, acknowledged their guilt and then asked their old father Joseph for his forgiveness.

237,2. Hereupon Joseph forgave them and revoked his judgment.

237,3. He then said to the four sons: "I have certainly forgiven you;

237,4. but I was the one who was least insulted by you.

237,5. But here is the Infant, about whom you stated, to my great anger,

237,6. that He is really pampered and that he is therefore often too full of caprices, and then nothing is right or good enough for Him.

237,7. You have thereby grossly insulted Him!

237,8. Go over to Him and particularly ask him for his forgiveness, otherwise you might fare badly!"

237,9. Then the four of them went before the Infant and spoke to Him:

237,10. "O our dear little Brother! Look, we have unjustly insulted you to our father,

237,11. and thereby so greatly infuriated him that he almost put a curse on us.

237,12. We have committed a grave sin against You and the good father Joseph.

237,13. O will You, dear little Brother, ever be able to forgive us our grave sin? – Will You again claim us as Your brothers?"

237,14. Here the Infant smiled most affably at the four supplicants, stretched out his tender arms and spoke with tears in His divine eyes:

237,15. "O rise, My dear brothers, and come here, so that I can kiss and bless you!

237,16. For truly, whoever comes to Me as you have done, will be forgiven, even if he has committed more sins than there are grains of sands in the seas and blades of grass on the earth!

237,17. Truly, truly! – Even before this earth was created, I saw this sin in you and have forgiven you of this and of many other transgressions, before you even existed!

237,18. O My dear brothers! Do not be afraid because of Me; for I love you all so dearly, that I will die one day in My body out of love for you!

237,19. So do not have fear of Me; for truly, even if you had cursed Me, I would have still not judged you, but wept because of the hardness of your hearts!

237,20. So come here, My dear brothers, that I may bless you, although you insulted Me a little!"

237,21. This infinite goodness of the Infant broke the hearts of the four brothers, and they cried like little children.

237,22. Even the others at the table were so deeply moved that they could not restrain themselves from weeping.

237,23. The Infant sat up, went over to the four and blessed and kissed them and then said to them:

237,24. "Now, dear brothers, you must surely realize that I have completely forgiven you!? –

237,25. I request you now to go into the kitchen and bring a better fish for us all!

237,26. For truly, I am still quite hungry but just cannot eat the fish that you prepared for us earlier!"

237,27. Here the four brothers promptly rose, kissed the extremely good-hearted Infant and then hastened to the kitchen and prepared the best fish for Joseph's table within the shortest possible time.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-237 Chapter