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Chapter 240. – The guests become aware of the Infant. Cyrenius' disclosure. A neighbour's judgment of Joseph and his family.

240,1. Thereupon the company quickly got up from the table and thanked God for the physical as well as spiritual nourishment and then most of them went outside.

240,2. Only Joseph, Mary and the Infant with James went to the large dining room, where Cyrenius was still sitting at the table with his guests.

240,3. Cyrenius welcomed his dearest friends very warmly and wanted to stand up at once and prepare a place for them.

240,4. The Infant said: "O My dear Cyrenius, stay, stay where you are!

240,5. I am content as long as I have the right place in your heart!

240,6. As far as a place at the table is concerned, it is of no importance to Me!

240,7. I am now going outside with My family; come after Me later, when you have finished your meal!"

240,8. Hereupon the Infant with His James quickly went outside and amused himself with James and the other children.

240,9. Some guests noticed how intelligent and intimate the Infant addressed Cyrenius,

240,10. and they inquired about the Infant's age;

240,11. for he spoke already like a grown man and appeared to be on very familiar terms with the governor.

240,12. Cyrenius said: "What is it to you that I am very fond of children?

240,13. You have all seen that this Infant is extremely ingenious!

240,14. But as to how he has attained this clarity of mind at barely three-and-a-half years of age,

240,15. well, you will have to ask His parents, who will no doubt be able to explain this to you!

240,16. Personally I am very surprised that although being the nearest neighbours, you still do not know this house and its inhabitants any better!"

240,17. Thereupon some of them spoke: "Well – how can we get to know this family better?

240,18. For firstly, they never go anywhere, and secondly, we also have too little time to visit this singular Jewish family, who are so difficult to understand in any case;

240,19. for they have such a singular mystical air about them that one does not know just what to make of it.

240,20. As far as we could find out from other ordinary people, this family is most peace-loving and does a lot of good to the poor;

240,21. but there are also people who say that they have often observed this house in bright flames, which was then extinguished as fast as one can say 'yes' or 'no', – and other such incidents.

240,22. Hence we also lack the courage to visit this family;

240,23. for the old man is and will remain a Jewish chief magician.

240,24. And it is not good to have dealings with such persons!" –

240,25. Here Cyrenius laughed and spoke: "Well – if that is the case – then stick with that; for then this house is safe from you!" – And the guests looked baffled, and did not know what to make of Cyrenius' words.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-240 Chapter