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Chapter 241. – The malicious plan of the jealous guests. The great fire in Ostracine.

241,1. But hereupon a prominent citizen of Ostracine asked what the governor meant by that, and said:

241,2. "How can this house be safe when one, perhaps by mistake, holds this old Jew for an arch sorcerer?"

241,3. And Cyrenius answered: "Because a frail human being cannot accomplish anything where the power of the eternal Deity holds His protective hand.

241,4. And this house, like no other in the whole wide world, stands under the most powerful protection of such a Deity - therefore it cannot be conquered!

241,5. Try to put your hands with malicious intent on this house and you will immediately see in whose hand it is!

241,6. All the guests from the city were taken aback at this and said to each other:

241,7. "The governor only wants to scare us, because he has no force with him.

241,8. If we would really lay our hands on this house and his body, surely, he would soon use a different language!

241,9. Therefore let us rise from the table and go to the city and then return in the evening with a strong military force,

241,10. and then we will see, whether the governor will still use the same language!"

241,11. After that the whole company rose from the table and went outside.

241,12. Then the citizens and the commander took their leave from Cyrenius and began their journey back to the city.

241,13. But Joseph turned to the group and said:

241,14. "Why do you already want to leave now, when the sun will shine for at least another hour?

241,15. Stay here until the evening and then everybody can escort Cyrenius to his ship as it is fitting,

241,16. for he will depart for Tyre tonight itself, and will therefore prepare and board his ship today."

241,17. But they excused themselves and said: "We still have some important business to do, therefore excuse us to your most intimate friend!"

241,18. At this moment the Infant came running up and said to Joseph:

241,19. "Just let them go into the town, for their business is of a nature that will serve to glorify My name!"

241,20. Joseph let the guests from the city go their way and went with the Infant to Cyrenius and told him, how they had excused themselves and what the Infant had said.

241,21. And Cyrenius said: "O my dearest brother, I know this kind!

241,22. Because I have visited your house and abandoned them, they are jealous and so full of bitterness that they do not know what to do with themselves.

241,23. But I am not worried about you, because I know under whose protection you are!

241,24. And the Infant spoke: "Oh, the parched road shall become hot for them!

241,25. They want to destroy our house, and that with fire!

241,26. But they shall not have time for that, for soon they will be very busy at home!"

241,27. The Infant had hardly finished talking, when half the city had turned into a sea of flames - and nobody thought about destroying Joseph's house anymore.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-241 Chapter