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Chapter 242. – Cyrenius' worry about the victims of the fire. "Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein." God is "the fairest judge" to all.

242,1. Everybody was horrified when they suddenly watched the enormous plumes of smoke and flames rising in the sky.

242,2. And Cyrenius asked Joseph, whether one should not come to the rescue of all these terribly hard-pressed people.

242,3. But Joseph spoke: "I think, we should leave it!

242,4. For we cannot stop the fire anyway with our natural human powers;

242,5. but as regards the victims, they will meet us soon enough and at the right time.

242,6. Therefore let us be undisturbed here; whoever is in need shall come!"

242,7. And the Child spoke to Joseph: "Dear Joseph, look, this will also make your chest filled with gold and silver quite a bit lighter!

242,8. You too, Cyrenius, shall come away a few pounds of gold and silver lighter even before your departure today;

242,9. for those who have been here and secretly threatened us with the destruction of our house, will come back soon as greatly humbled friends and will ask you for your support.

242,10. So be prepared for that! But do not think that it was Me who, through My power, set fire to those houses;

242,11. for I do not do such things; and any kind of revenge is foreign to Me!

242,12. But I say to you: This was done to them by their servants;

242,13. for they bore an old grudge against them, because they were treated too harshly and miserably.

242,14. Today they found the right moment to take revenge on their masters,

242,15. so they set fire to all their mansions.

242,16. And so, without any of My interference, these lords of the world just fell into the pit they had dug for us!"

242,17. When Cyrenius had heard this from the Child, he immediately asked Him, whether these wicked servants should not be pursued.

242,18. And the Infant spoke: "O let it be! For firstly, they have done a good thing to their hard-hearted masters,

242,19. and secondly, they are already long gone over hill and dale with the stolen treasure, -

242,20. and thirdly, they will not escape their deserved punishment because they took the law into their own hands out of evil revenge!

242,21. Therefore our concern should be directed first at those who need our help!

242,22. But as far as the arsonists are concerned, they will be taken care of.

242,23. For look, God watches them wherever they are and knows their ways very well!

242,24. Therefore He can seize them anywhere, wherever they might be.

242,25. God is a fairest judge to all, therefore He will give them the proper reward for their deed!" –

242,26. Now an anxious Mary appeared and pointed Joseph to a host of armed warriors who were rapidly approaching the villa.

242,27. But the Infant spoke: "Do not be afraid; this is Cyrenius' defence guard, which the commander is now sending from the city for your protection!

242,28. Soon they will be followed by many citizens.

242,29. Therefore take care only of their shelter; everything else will be arranged!" –

242,30. And it was as the Infant had spoken: Cyrenius received his guard and they were soon followed by many fire victims.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-242 Chapter