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Chapter 243. – Pride goes before a fall. Joseph's dignified treatment of the fire victims. Cyrenius' noble-mindedness towards the victims. Cyrenius at Jonathan's.

243,1. When the fire victims arrived at Joseph's house, he recognized them as the lords who had recently been his guests, and asked them:

243,2. "Yes – my most respected lords, what has happened to the important business matters for which you had to hurry back not so long ago?

243,3. Did it consist of setting fire to your city?

243,4. Or did it consist of something completely different, something that must be kept secret from me?"

243,5. But the fire victims spoke: " Dear friend of humanity! – Do not tempt us miserable ones; for you see that we are the poorest beggars now!

243,6. But if you can support us in any way, please do so and we shall be your serfs for the rest of our lives!"

243,7. But Joseph spoke: "Only Rome's powerful patricians have a way with slaves and serfs,

243,8. but I have a way only with brothers, who are my equals – be it lords or beggars!

243,9. Therefore I shall give you as much support as possible.

243,10. But when you have recovered, please refrain from such business as you had planned for today!

243,11. For as painful as it must be for you, that your servants have shamefully robbed you and have set fire to your houses,

243,12. if you had done the same to me, it would have been equally and even more painful for me! "

243,13. Joseph now went to Cyrenius and asked him what one should give to these unfortunate people at once.

243,14. And Cyrenius spoke: "Just wait a little! My porters, which I had sent to my ship for my cash box, should arrive soon!

243,15. When I will have my bigger cash box, we will see how much can be given to those who are here, and those who will arrive."

243,16. Within one hour, the messengers brought a thousand bags of gold and silver.

243,17. Each bag, weighing ten pounds, consisted of two pounds of gold and eight pounds of silver.

243,18. Then Cyrenius spoke to Joseph: "Please distribute these bags among the fire victims, whereby each one receives one bag!

243,19. Keep the rest for those who will still arrive!

243,20. But I don't want to be present at the distribution, so I won't be recognized by all the people who will come here!

243,21. I shall go now with Jonathan to his house and hope to see you in the evening."

243,22. Joseph agreed to this and took over the distribution together with his sons; and Cyrenius secretly left with his whole entourage and with Jonathan. – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-243 Chapter