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Chapter 244. – Joseph's active charity. A real consolation in times of serious trouble. An evening visit and dinner at Jonathan's.

244,1. Joseph was busy with the distribution until sunset

244,2. and instructed those without a shelter where they could spend the night;

244,3. for only a few dared to sleep in the city, partly because of the heavy smell of smoke,

244,4. and partly because of the uncertainty; because one still had to fear that the fire would catch some of the still unaffected houses.

244,5. When Joseph had finished his work, he secretly asked the Infant, whether it would now be safe to leave the house and go to Jonathan.

244,6. And the Infant spoke: "Why do you care about the house and its content?

244,7. The house, as well as its contents, belongs not to us but to the one who bought it.

244,8. Therefore just let us go to Jonathan, who surely has prepared some good fish for us!"

244,9. And Joseph spoke: "Of course, you are right;

244,10. but consider that we have a chest full of gold and silver, and cows, goats and donkeys!

244,11. Could these not be looted by our very many guests?"

244,12. And the Infant spoke: "Joseph, that is beyond Me now!

244,13. Talk about it with James, who understands these things much better than I do!" –

244,14. And Joseph promptly asked James the same question.

244,15. And James spoke: "Father, – Even if we would lose everything, but the Lord would remain with us, what would we have really lost then? –

244,16. Now the Lord walks with us to Jonathan's; what then should we fear to lose here in the governor's house?!

244,17. Let the whole world be stolen from you and keep the Lord, and you have more than if all the heavens and the earths were your useful property!

244,18. And so go, you honest man, without fear or worry, with the Lord to Jonathan, and you will be convinced, that we will not lose anything!"

244,19. These words of the Lord out of James' mouth calmed Joseph so much, that he immediately set off with his whole company for Jonathan's house.

244,20. There Joseph's arrival was already eagerly awaited by all.

244,21. And when they saw him, they ran towards him like children to their father, with Cyrenius also among them.

244,22. And as soon as Joseph and his family were thus accompanied into Jonathan's house, the well-prepared fish was quickly served and all had their dinner.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-244 Chapter