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Chapter 245. – Cyrenius prepares his ship for departure. James reminds him of the globe. Joseph's advice to Cyrenius: Act free – according to the will of the Lord. Cyrenius takes the three boys along with him.

245,1. After dinner, Cyrenius gave order to his sailors to prepare the ship for departure.

245,2. And they went and quickly brought the ship in the best order.

245,3. James now approached Cyrenius and asked him whether, in his hurry, he had not forgotten the wonderful globe which he received as a present from the Infant a few days earlier.

245,4. At this question Cyrenius literally tore his hair and wanted to go after it immediately.

245,5. But James said: "O Cyrenius, do not bother about that;

245,6. for I have remembered what you had forgotten!

245,7. Look, here in this corner, wrapped in a cloth, is the globe and you need not hurry back to our house!"

245,8. Cyrenius was delighted at this; he took the treasure himself, carried it to the ship and gave it to the skipper for safekeeping.

245,9. When this matter was attended to, Cyrenius went over to Joseph and said:

245,10. "Listen to me, my most noble friend and brother, for I now have a good idea which should be put into action!

245,11. See, you now have a lot of people in your house and many of them will remain with you!

245,12. My children give you quite a lot of trouble and, as I have noticed, especially the three boys.

245,13. That is why I have decided for myself to take at least the three boys with me and to leave only the five girls with you."

245,14. And Joseph spoke: "Dearest brother, do what you think is best for you and it will be all right with me!

245,15. Act only according to the advice of the Lord and all will be well!

245,16. Therefore ask the Lord in this matter also, and do what He tells you!"

245,17. Cyrenius immediately turned to the Infant with the greatest love and respect and asked Him about Joseph's advice.

245,18. And the Infant spoke: "Yes, yes, take these three naughty boys with you, it is all right with Me!

245,19. I would not mind about Sixtus, but he too is fickle and does not accept anything from Me.

245,20. Therefore take him also with you and be very strict with them, otherwise they will grow into real worldly men!

245,21. You can leave the girls here; I like them much more than the boys, because they like Me much more!

245,22. But I do not like them more because they are girls but only because of their greater love to Me."

245,23. After this remark of the Infant, Cyrenius took the three boys and thanked Him for this splendid advice and had them brought on board the ship immediately.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-245 Chapter