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Chapter 246. - Cyrenius' request for blessings and the Infant's divine answer. Cyrenius' farewell prayer. The Infant blesses the departing persons and soothes them with the words: Where your heart is, there is your treasure, also.

246,1. When the ship was ready for departure, Cyrenius went to the Infant, knelt before Him, and asked for His blessings with the following words:

246,2. "O Lord, great God and Creator and Father for all eternity,

246,3. who, after His eternal verdict, walks with us here on this dust, which we call earth and world, as a weak human child in our form,

246,4. You, my almighty Lord, a small sign of You makes all powers of infinity tremble,

246,5. o look merciful at me, a poor mite before You in the dust of my utter nothingness,

246,6. and You, Holy of all Holies, honour me, the most unworthy mite in the dust before You, with Your infinite and holy blessings!

246,7. Oh You my life, let Your most holy name be all my strength and power!

246,8. O You my most beloved Jesus, You ancient King of my heart, be merciful and compassionate towards me, a poor, weak sinner, and grant that my love for You grows continuously!

246,9. O you, my eternally beloved Jesus, take my love as a small token of gratitude for Your infinite grace and mercy which You grant me with every breath!"

246,10. Cyrenius' heart was breaking out of love and he wept from joy and could no longer speak.

246,11. But the Infant cheerfully jumped up to Cyrenius, embraced and kissed him many times and spoke to him:

246,12. "O do not weep, My dearest Cyrenius, just see how much I love you!

246,13. In My love for you lies My greatest blessing!

246,14. And I say to you, when you remain who you are, you will be Mine forever and your soul shall never feel nor taste death for all eternity!

246,15. But as you have asked Me now for this blessing, I will also ask you to never betray Me!

246,16. And I ask you not for My sake, but for the sake of the world;

246,17. for death would fall upon it if it would recognise Me before My time!"

246,18. After these words, the Infant embraced Cyrenius once again and kissed him.

246,19. Then Cyrenius spread out his arms and said with the most moving voice:

246,20. O God, – my God, – my great God! – Who am I, that You kiss me with the mouth, out of which the whole creation emerged?!

246,21. O You shining heavens, and You earth and You powers of the heavens! – Look, look here!

246,22. The One who has created You and me, is here in front of me and blesses me with His omnipotent hand!

246,23. When, when o earth will you realise it, – grasp the great grace of this time, in which the feet of your Creator and Lord are touching your soil?!

246,24. O you most holy soil, carrying the Lord, will you ever realise the greatness of such grace in gratitude and utter humility?

246,25. O you consecrated ground, how difficult it is to leave you!" –

246,26. At this moment the Infant lifted Cyrenius up and did not let him kneel down again.

246,27. Thereupon Tullia and Maronius Pilla also came over, and the Infant blessed them all, and all of them wept, because they had to part again.

246,28. But the Infant spoke: "Oh, oh, we do not part! – For where your heart is, there is your treasure, also!

246,29. At this they calmed down and raised themselves from the ground. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-246 Chapter