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Chapter 247. – Joseph blesses Cyrenius. Jesus' farewell words to Cyrenius: "Having become one in love we shall always and eternally be together in spirit!" Cyrenius' departure. Joseph at Jonathan's.

247,1. Thereupon Joseph went to Cyrenius and blessed him and his whole house.

247,2. Mary went over as well and blessed Tullia and her companions.

247,3. And Joseph spoke to Cyrenius: "Brother, with this blessing I am also expressing my heart's desire, which is:

247,4. Let the five girls remain with me, so that I can be their father!

247,5. For eventually you will have children of your own anyway and they might have a hard time to get along with these girls later on.

247,6. With me no disharmony will ever arise about it; the reasons are well known to me and you."

247,7. And Cyrenius happily granted Joseph's wish and entrusted the five girls to him;

247,8. for he loved the girls, because they were so receptive and obedient, with well-built bodies and charming personalities.

247,9. When they had agreed upon this, Cyrenius embraced Joseph and spoke:

247,10. "Brother, if it is the will of the Lord I hope to see you again soon."

247,11. And the Infant, standing next to Joseph spoke: "Amen, say I! – If not here, then surely in My kingdom!

247,12. For I say to you, we shall not stay much longer in this country, because we are too well-known.

247,13. But if we move out, we will retreat in seclusion, so that no man will come under judgment.

247,14. However – having become one in love, we shall always and eternally be together in spirit!

247,15. Where your treasure is, that is where you will be with your heart, in which the main treasure resides.

247,16. When I have become a costly treasure in your heart, – truly, you shall never lose Me;

247,17. for where I live in love, there I am truly at home and will never move out of such an abode!

247,18. So let Me live constantly in your heart and I will not be secluded from you!

247,19. For love alone can bear my presence, like one fire can bear the other!

247,20. And everything else that is not fire, will be destroyed and devoured by it.

247,21. Therefore I withdraw from the world, so that My fire will not seize and destroy it!

247,22. But never ask: 'Lord, where are you?' – Then I will not tell you: 'Here I am!'

247,23. Instead, ask your heart carefully, whether it loves Me and in your heart, which loves Me, I will call out to you:

247,24. 'Here I am at home in all the fullness of My love, grace and compassion!‘

247,25. Now board your ship confidently and a good wind shall carry you to Tyre – Amen." –

247,26. Now governor Cyrenius said goodbye to Joseph for the last time and boarded his ship.

247,27. And immediately a strong wind came and hurried away with the ship.

247,28. Thereupon Joseph went with his family to Jonathan's house and stayed there overnight.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-247 Chapter