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Chapter 248. – While fishing in the morning, Joseph and Jonathan notice an endangered ship and rescue it.

248,1. On the morning of the next day, Joseph was, as usual, the first to get up and soon woke up his family as well.

248,2. But Jonathan, who just stepped out of his room to see how the day was going to be for his business, spoke to Joseph:

248,3. "But dear friend and brother! What are you doing already so early in the morning urging your loved ones to get up?

248,4. Should you not better wait until the Lord rises from His sleep?

248,5. Would this not be the best time to arise in the morning?!

248,6. So I ask you, at least let your family sleep a few hours more!

248,7. And you, instead, come with me and my men on board my boat and we will go for a morning fishing trip!"

248,8. Joseph was pleased with this offer and let his family sleep longer, and boarded a big fishing boat together with Jonathan.

248,9. Jonathan's fishermen arranged the nets and then strongly wielded the oars,

248,10. and already in one hour, the fishermen reached a spot with fish aplenty.

248,11. When they had arrived at this fishing spot and the sun was almost rising,

248,12. Jonathan noticed a Roman ship located about an hour's distance away, and did not know what to make of it!

248,13. Therefore he spoke to Joseph: "Brother, I know the sea there;

248,14. it is shallow and full of sandbanks, and a Roman seafarer can easily get stuck there.

248,15. Therefore we should come to his rescue immediately!?"

248,16. Joseph agreed to this; they immediately rowed towards the ship and reached it within half an hour.

248,17. And indeed, it was a big Roman ship, carrying an envoy to Cyrenius.

248,18. They took him on board and he asked Jonathan, to do everything possible to rescue the ship.

248,19. Jonathan took the towrope of the big ship and had his men on his boat row energetically.[248,20 And in less than half an hour, the ship was set afloat.

248,21. The Roman emissary showered Jonathan with presents and then sailed on toward the morning.

248,22. But Jonathan returned home with gold and silver instead of fish and stopped the fishing for this morning.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-248 Chapter